Published by admin on 13 Nov 2020


There is a great lesson to be learned about authority in the story of Jesus and the Centurion that is found in Matthew chapter 8. Let’s go read it.

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Published by admin on 03 May 2019


“Why won’t God heal me?” is probably the question I hear the most. It may surprise you to know that God wants you healed even more than YOU want to be healed. So what’s the holdup? Well, it sure isn’t God. Whenever there’s a problem between us and God, the problem is always on our end.

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Published by admin on 06 Sep 2018


Have you ever wondered why Jesus healed all the sick who came or were brought to Him? Was He just trying to make a name for himself as some have suggested, or was there another reason? Actually, the answer is real simple, it is written in Mark 1:40-42,

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Published by admin on 31 Aug 2018


Today I’d like to talk about healing. Why? Because a lot of people need it, and jump through all kinds of hoops trying to be well. They spend vast fortunes on doctors and medicines, and success is measured by the amount spent, if at all. Sometimes I wonder why people stumble at healing so badly, when God made it so simple and easy.

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Published by admin on 27 Apr 2018


We’ve all heard the expression, “that’s the way it is”. So whatever it is you’re talking about, you just accept it as that and drop it. That is, unless you’re like I am. I like to study deeper into things and get to the bottom of the matter. Now, while I appreciate the hard work and research of others, there’s still nothing like searching a matter out for yourself, so you are satisfied every stone has been turned over, every “I” dotted and every “t” crossed. Else, how are you going to stand up when the circumstances point contrary to what everyone else believes?

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Published by admin on 04 Nov 2016


OK, we have asked God to heal, His word says YES,. so what’s the problem? It isn’t with God , it’s with the people.  You never see where the disciples taught the church keep on begging and begging and praying and praying, it was done once.  Down through the ages doubt and unbelief has entered the teachings of the church and has considerably watered down the power that Jesus granted his disciples.  By the way, if you are a BELIEVER, then YOU are one of those disciples, no matter what age you lived or live in. Continue Reading »