OK, we have asked God to heal, His word says YES,. so what’s the problem? It isn’t with God , it’s with the people.  You never see where the disciples taught the church keep on begging and begging and praying and praying, it was done once.  Down through the ages doubt and unbelief has entered the teachings of the church and has considerably watered down the power that Jesus granted his disciples.  By the way, if you are a BELIEVER, then YOU are one of those disciples, no matter what age you lived or live in.

Yes, sometimes healing is a process like the ten lepers Jesus healed, it says as they went to give the offering Moses commanded. they were healed.  Only one came back and gave God glory.  It does not appear that the healings were instantaneous, yet they were ALL healed.

This is for YOU.  You need to be careful who prays and speaks over you.  Many times you have all these people who care and are praying, but some are so far in the ditch that they do more harm than good due to their lack of knowledge of what God actually said in His word.  I’m going to copy and paste an actual example from a prayer warrior spoken over a person, and explain why it’s totally WRONG.  This is exactly as I received it, spelling and all.

QUOTE:  “I rebuke every word in Jesus name and send it to the pit of held we have degree and declare everybody healed according to the word we have put him in the hands of Jesus Christ what we put in his hand life springs up np this is not what the Bible said it said  speaking life wholeness hisgoodness and mercy is ion (name redacted)  bless the word of the lord in his life.” END QUOTE.

Here’s WHY it’s wrong: this person is ” rebuking every word in Jesus name and sending it to the pit of held  (assuming they meant HELL-  my note)…..” First off, NOBODY but Christ Jesus has the authority to send ANYTHING or ANYONE to hell.   NOBODY including Satan has been to hell yet because the Great White Throne judgment has not happened yet, and WE are not given that authority to send him there, God reserves that to Himself.

You can “decree and declare everybody healed according to the word” until you’re blue in the face and nothing will happen, because, though God gives us the authority to heal the sick that we personally minister to, even Jesus himself did not heal EVERYBODY.   He only healed those who came to Him in person or by proxy, like the Centurion’s servant.

I don’t know where some of these people come up with their goofy stuff, but Jesus certainly didn’t teach it.  Stick EXACTLY to the Word of God and you’ll do fine.  God backs up HIS  WORD, but not some well-meaning but unlearned person’s words.  People say, “Well, God knows their heart…” Yes He does, He knows they’re too spiritually lazy to search His Word for themselves,  but merely parrot what they heard someone else say, and don’t check it out for themselves.  And who knows where the original person they heard it from got it?  And then after praying in total ignorance and error, they have the gall to say, “It must not have been God’s will to heal.” To me, that borders on blasphemy against God.  Do your homework first!!!

Speak ONLY the Word over yourself or the one you’re ministering to. That is always correct.  God gave mankind a 6000 year lease on the earth and put us in charge on earth.  It’s like a landlord who rents YOU an apartment, it belongs to him, BUT, he only steps foot inside at YOUR invitation.  God only moves on earth when we speak HIS WORD, giving Him legal right to move according to our prayers.  Do you understand that?  It is life or death important that ONLY God’s word is spoken, not the words of ignorance or doubt, fear, or unbelief.  YOUR WORDS bear the most authority of anyone speaking because it’s YOUR body, even more than my words or another minister with a healing ministry.

God deals on legal terms.  And the devil has free rein to operate against those who operate outside of God’s word.  So you want to cast him out??  Satan (or his other fallen angels) hears our words spoken, and if they bear no legal authority from God, he just laughs at us and he won’t be going anywhere UNTIL that person with God’s authority orders him to cease and desist and/or come out.  Not every sick person has a devil in them.  You’ll notice Jesus did NOT cast a devil or devils out of every sick person.  Contrary to popular belief, there’s not a devil behind every bush. We can get in the ditch with “casting out devils” on both sides of the road: by NOT casting out devils when confronted with them, as well as thinking every sick person has a devil in them.  An unclean spirit cannot inhabit a Holy Spirit-filled Believer, but they CAN be influenced by unclean spirits or afflicted by them, just like a monkey on your back is not IN you but ON you.  And we must command them to leave and hurt them no more and return to that person no more, in the name of Christ Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua Messiah.  You have no authority to “cast them back to hell from whence they came”, as some like to say.  It sounds real religious, but has no authority or power to deliver.  Just cast the unclean spirit(s) out, and let God sort it out.

Some people have gotten FAR off the Word by wrong teachings.  But don’t let the devil beat you up with condemnation.  That’s his game, to destroy your faith.  God answers FAITH, not guilt and fear.  Like I said, healing is not always instant.  We have a microwave mentality and think everything has to be instant.  Mark 16:17, Jesus says,  ” And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

Do you see “shall be instantly healed” there?  No, it says RECOVER.  That is the LEAST we are promised IF we BELIEVE.   It doesnt say, if we beg, or if we hope, or if we give an offering.  Recover is good, don’t get me wrong.  And “recover” is not time specific.  You have to read what it says, not what you THINK it says.

Who told you that you aren’t healed?  Did GOD?  Or did the devil, or your eyes, or the doctor?  DO NOT allow yourself to be moved by what you see, hear, smell, taste or feel!  Only be moved by the Word of God!

I believe you’ll get this yet. You’re getting a free education here, use it wisely.  It cost me much suffering to obtain this knowledge about healing.  But you don’t have to suffer for it, you can just RECEIVE it and use it.

Even the devil will tell you, You will be healed “someday“.  But show me “someday” on your calendar…there isn’t one. TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION!  If you want to be healed today, then believe TODAY.  If you want to be healed tomorrow, then believe tomorrow, but why suffer another day?  BELIEVE TODAY!   Faith is your servant, NEVER give it a day off or a vacation.  Use it all the rest of your days on earth.  Jesus paid in full for your healing, you need not be sick, any more than you need to continue living in sin, when the payment for your sins has been made by Christ Jesus.  The instant you believe, your sin debt and your sicknesses and diseases are marked PAID IN FULL.

You need to know what’s going on and how to pray in the Holy Spirit, thanking God it’s done according to His Word.  This is one thing that I will add:  assuming you have a covenant with God.  In the Hebrew language where Jesus taught His disciples “The LORD’S  Prayer”, the wording is: “You MUST now forgive me of my sins,  as I have freely and completely forgiven every sin done against me, big and small”  when reminding God of His covenant with YOU, you are to say “You must now, according to YOUR Words, perform your promises.”

I do this often, but He also reminds ME that I must act to Him according to MY end of our covenant, when I told Him that from now on, my life belongs to YOU, and from this day on YOU are my LORD and Savior and Master.  He OFTEN reminds me of my end of the covenant, and that’s fine.  No worries though, He is ALWAYS good for HIS end.  I don’t generally teach the “strong meat” of this because most people can’t even handle “skimmed milk”. But if you’re sick and haven’t been able to get well, then you need it and I think you’re ready for it.  And if not NOW, then WHEN?

God is very much a covenant God. He is about relationships, not ritual or religion. He doesn’t care what your Grandma believed or what your church has always believed or done.  He is out to establish a covenant relationship with YOU, and believe me, you cannot afford to be without it.  I’ve been in a covenant relationship with Christ Jesus since 1993, and have never had a sick day since.

Another important point:  Jesus never taught His disciples to PRAY for the sick.  Rather, in Matthew 10:8 He commanded:  Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. We have spent so many years “praying” for the sick with hardly no results at all, and it’s because we are not following His instructions.  Follow His instructions!!  With the command, He also granted the power and authority to heal the sick.  Get YOURSELF out of the picture.  YOU are not the healer, it is Christ Jesus operating His ministry through you if you will follow instructions and make sure HE gets all the glory and praise, not you.  Healing is easy when done God’s way.  And supernatural healing is nigh well impossible when we try to get it done OUR way.  Do it HIS way, and everyone will be happy.