Praise the Lord!!

I was healed of cancer that had spread all over my body. My liver, pelvis, bones and they believed it to be in my brain, after my husband, church and I prayed and sought the face of God according to his word. I went back to the same four Doctors and after a few more test they said they could not find the cancer. So, I am touch greatly by this message it just strengthen me the more. Many others have been coming to my husband and I for prayer, some with cancer, kidney failure and other health problems. One the doctors gave her two months to live she was wheeled into the church just two months ago may of 2011 and said I come to get my blessing from the Lord. She is still alive and as I talked to her just a few day ago she is doing well she said the doctors can not understand what has happen with her health. but we do the same God that worked miracles in the bible days is still working them today. Just keep up the good work. for by the testimonies of the saints others overcome.

Pastor Calhoun  7-12-2011