“And the LORD passed before him and proclaimed, THE LORD, THE LORD GOD, merciful, and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth.”

Exodus 34:6

Jenny and Jerry

Jenny and Jerry

Our Testimony

Jerry Baysinger was a 21-year civilian employee of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and operator of his own successful furniture repair business, when in 1993, he was  diagnosed with five melanomas and liver cancer. Given a month to live, he resigned from the Patrol and went home to die.

At Church, he was prayed for by the elders for healing. He also had bad eyesight and a 95% hearing loss in both ears and wore hearing aids. God showed him in the Bible that healing belonged to him, and he believed the Word of God and confessed his healing continually out of his mouth, until it was manifest in his body, with no treatments.  That was 1993. Since then, Jerry has enjoyed perfect health and teaches others how they can live sickness-free by being in covenant with the God who said, “I AM THE LORD THAT HEALETH THEE.”

A call to the ministry in 1993, was made evident by signs and wonders and miracles of healings confirming the Word of God being taught. Licensed and ordained in January 1997, Jerry and Jenny founded and pastored Life In Christ Church for two years before being called to travel to evangelize and teach faith and healing. Powerfully annointed in gifts of healings, and evangelism, he was invited to Nigeria, Africa in November 1999 to conduct 8-days of healing services. He made a return trip over Christmas 2000 for another 8-days of crusades in Nigeria and Anambra State. God confirmed his word there with hundreds of miracles of healings and many salvations.

Jerry and Jenny travel, sharing the good news of the Gospel, and teaching the Word of God, with a real passion for winning souls. Jerry has been on TV many times, and is the author of a daily devotional “Every Day With Jesus”, as well as several smaller booklets. During 2001, Jerry had his own weekly TV show every Sunday night, “Life Healing Ministries”, of which there are several audio cassette tapes available.  DVDS will be made of the TV shows as there is demand for them.

You can also listen to Jerry on internet Christian Radio Station, currently on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, for 45 minutes twice daily, 1PM and 8PM Central Standard Time. 

In December of 2003, Jerry was the guest on Sid Roth’s internationally-broadcasted TV show called “It’s Supernatural!”. Additionally, Jerry was on three of Sid’s radio shows called “Messianic Vision”.  Jerry was also Sid’s guest on the very first live hour-long call in radio show “Sid Roth LIVE!” on January 17, 2004. All of that show can be heard and viewed from Sid’s website (Real Player needed): On January 23, 2004 Jerry was Sid’s guest on TBN for a live hour and a half show, sharing his testimony and relating of some of the miracles he has witnessed. Sid mentioned on TBN, “I would like to see you, Jerry, equiping believers to move in healing. I mean you are one of the finest teachers I’ve ever heard about healing.  You don’t even plan your messages!  They just….FLOW!”

Jenny is also blessed with the gift of healing.  Jenny came from a background of abuse, and is truly gifted in the healing of broken hearts. Having been restored by God, given a compassionate heart and a ministry of reconciliation, her simple, no-nonsense approach is easily understood by all. Jenny has the ability to bring the love of God to shine on even the hardest individual, bringing down every wall between them and God.

If your life ended right now, would you be ready to meet Jesus?

If you are like a lot of people, you have been putting off salvation to “some other time”. God gives us no guarantee of tomorrow, or even, “later”. But it’s not too late… if you aren’t saved right now, why not make your salvation sure, while you still can. Jesus wants to save you, right now! Pray this prayer:

Father God, I’m sorry for my sins and I ask you to forgive me in Jesus’ name. Lord Jesus, I ask You to be my Lord and Savior. Come into my heart now and fill me with the Holy Spirit. Help me to live a life that gives You glory. I turn from my sins and I will serve you from this day forward. Amen.

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