Published by admin on 15 Apr 2016


Why do we pray?  What do we hope to accomplish by doing so?  Well, it would seem to me that we are trying to change a circumstance that we otherwise have no control over.  There are things we can do in the physical realm to change some circumstances, but there are others that are totally out of our control that only God can change, so we pray.  It may concern sickness or disease, or family troubles, or legal troubles, or finances; you name it, somebody is not happy about it and wants it changed. But wanting something to be different, and actually seeing it done is two different things, as we all know. Continue Reading »

Published by admin on 23 Jan 2015


Last week I asked why we do the things we do.  What if we have based our beliefs on things that may not be entirely true?  Are we willing to take the time and go back and earnestly study the Bible with an open mind to see if these things we believe are really so?  Or are we “settled” because our faith is in someone else’s studies and faith?  In other words, have we studied these things out for ourselves so we know that we know? Continue Reading »

Published by admin on 02 Jan 2015


We have all probably heard the saying “Living off the interest”.  It means you have made a substantial investment and now you are receiving a return from it.  And as long as you never touch the principal investment, you will always have an income from it.  But what about when you need extra money, so you draw out some of the principal to make up the shortage?  Number one, the principal has been diminished, so your future interest will be diminished, and number two, you have spent some of your investment.  What does that have to do with healing?  Glad you asked! Continue Reading »