We have all probably heard the saying “Living off the interest”.  It means you have made a substantial investment and now you are receiving a return from it.  And as long as you never touch the principal investment, you will always have an income from it.  But what about when you need extra money, so you draw out some of the principal to make up the shortage?  Number one, the principal has been diminished, so your future interest will be diminished, and number two, you have spent some of your investment.  What does that have to do with healing?  Glad you asked!

I remember as a child reading on some soda bottles, “no deposit, no return”. Well, healing is like that.  Upon being diagnosed with cancer in 1993, I quickly gave my life to the LORD and started to invest my time and effort into the Word of God.  Up to that time, “No deposit, no return” applied to me.  I had made no deposits in my “heavenly account”, therefore, I was due no return whatsoever.  The first scripture the LORD showed me when I was saved in Psalm 103:2-3, were, Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:  Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;

My immediate goal was to learn all I could about this Jesus who died for my sins, took stripes for my healing, and rose again.  In long hours studying my Bible the LORD revealed to me that He fervently loves us and created us to be healthy, not sick. That didn’t agree with what most teach.  Tapping into the “benefits” was coming, but first, just like any earthly job, you don’t get the “benefits” until you have performed some “work”.  It would be unrealistic to expect an employer to give you a paycheck when you were hired when you hadn’t even showed up for a day’s work yet.   And it’s unrealistic to think you will reap any heavenly benefit without putting some effort into it first.  Your first work is “Believe only, fear not”. Until that takes place,  nothing happens.  You’ve made no deposit, so you have no return coming.

But let’s say you’ve made the decision to invest your time in God’s Word.  Many have told me, “I try reading the Bible but I can’t understand it.” First off, you need to ask God to reveal His Word to you and open your understanding.  Then by faith believe He will, for you need understanding of the Word of God if it is to be of benefit to you.   God is not hiding the understanding to you, anyway, the devil is.  God wants you to be settled once and for all, immoveable and rock solid, so when the floods of life hit, you will be standing when it’s over.

Getting back to “Living off the interest”: The more time you invest in God’s Word, the more your investment grows, and the more “interest” (benefits) you have to draw from and your life begins turning around for the good.  Sadly, I’ve seen people really get serious about God’s Word just long enough to get over a crisis, then it’s back to their old ways, and they decide to “coast” and “live off the interest” and they draw back on their study and prayer time.  What happens?  Well, the “cost of living” always goes up at the next crisis and the “interest” they are receiving on their past investment just isn’t enough to get them by now, because they quit making deposits in their heavenly account.  Does that make sense to you?  So what’s the solution?  Get serious about doubling down on your investment, and keep making those deposits regularly, because if you don’t?  Like I said earlier, “No deposit, no return”, and God does not play favorites.

If you stop investing your time in regular time prayer and study, you may get by for a while, but sooner or later you will use up all your “benefits” , and when you get attacked by the devil, you will find there is nothing there to draw on when you need it most.  A wise investor has his eye on the future and keeps making those deposits regularly so he can live securely on the interest.  He won’t spend up his investment, thereby losing his future benefits.  We can all learn from this.  If you want to live off the interest in a heavenly way, make sure you’re making the deposits.  And no, I’m not talking about ministry donations.  I’m talking about you investing quality time alone with God and His Word.  “Seed faith” offerings get you nothing but donation receipts.  And if all you want out of life is a stack of donation receipts, then friend, go for it.  BUT IF YOU WANT REAL BENEFITS THAT YOU CAN LIVE OFF THE INTEREST FROM,  INVEST YOUR TIME IN THE LORD!!  That’s the best investment advice you’ll ever receive.