The Lord spoke something very interesting into my spirit. He showed me the picture of a car battery with a positive and a negative post. If the battery is connected by both posts, and a load or demand is put upon the circuit, then and only then, current flows. Current is the movement of electrons along a path. If you disconnect either post, or interrupt the path, there can be no flow.
Now, picture yourself being that battery, full of the power of God. You may not like the load of the negative drawing, demanding power from you. But the negative post must be connected to you if you want to see the Power of God move through you. Otherwise, you are merely a storage battery that does not power anything. A battery only has potential as long as it is disconnected from a load. But a battery isn’t designed for potential, it’s designed for work. Once the demand draws on it, the power surges from it instantly. That power will continue to flow until the load either disconnects, or until the load is burned out by the power, or the battery goes dead.
Your “Positive” post must be connected to God, the Power source. The “Negative” post must be connected to where the power needs to go. Remember, nothing happens until both sides are hooked up. You can have a fully charged battery hooked to the negative cable only, and the power won’t flow without the power source being engaged.  Also, you can discharge a battery just so long until it is depleted and must be recharged. You must stay hooked up to God, the Charger, to be fully charged, ready for the demand to be placed upon you. Like a battery, STORAGE is NOT your purpose, but rather, being ready and able to supply God’s power for any situation, and being a conduit for His power to flow.
The jolt of power from the battery starts an otherwise non-functional car, bringing it to life. For example, let’s say the Lord moves on your heart that He wants to heal a sick person. You, the battery, are ready for work, right? God connects to your Positive post. Your hand is the Negative post and it touches a sick person. ZAP!! The Power now flows until that devil who is making that person sick has had all he can take and “he has vacated the building” so to speak. You will know when the power flows, and you’ll know when the demand is over and the need for the power is ended, just like you know when a car starts and you can let off the starter. You just know.
But unless you are willing to allow the negative to draw on the Power of God in you, you’ll never know the joy of seeing God’s power work in you. A battery’s worth is never fully appreciated until it is called into use. It is created to power something, not just sit there unused. By the way, unused batteries eventually go dead, having served no purpose and end up in the trash.
Be a “rechargeable battery”……..ZAP ‘EM GOOD!!