Last night while listening to one of my favorite singers, I was telling the Lord, I wish my voice was like his.  And I heard the Holy Spirit say, Why?  What’s wrong with YOUR voice? I replied, Well, people are not exactly beating a path to my door to hear me sing. 
However, I realize God made each of us with a unique voice.  Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone sounded like Elvis, for example? Each of us are as unique as a fingerprint, and, with the exception of identical twins, we are different from one another in many ways. 
 Back in my younger days I sang a lot, and could do a pretty good imitation of several popular singers, even though I considered my own natural singing voice pretty uninspiring.  It seemed I was happy sounding like Elvis, or Tom Jones, or Engelbert Humperdinck, or one of the others I imitated, but was never happy being “me”.  Careful study their style of singing, the way they pronounced their words, their phrasing and timing, enabled me to sound close enough to pass for them, and with all the range I had, it was pretty easy, no matter if they sang high or low.  But like I said, I was never happy sounding like plain old “me”, and ended up being a cheap imitation of someone else.  The records I made sounding like “me” weren’t hits, but if I sang them like Elvis or Tom Jones, they probably would have sold millions. But my fame would have been a copy of someone else’s, wouldn’t it?
  That same scenario has played out in many other people’s lives as well, and I’ve noticed how people tend to compare themselves with others, and see themself somehow “lacking”.  People somehow just can’t seem to be satisfied with who they are, and are willing to give up their own identity to become like someone else.  You hear certain catch phrases going around from time to time, or hair styles, or clothing styles.  Riders of a certain brand of motorcycle try so hard to be individuals, but somehow end up all looking pretty much alike, riding motorcycles that look pretty much alike, acting the same way, and the list goes on and on.  But that’s not how God created us to be. All you have to do is look around to see the diversity God created in the universe.  Even something as simple as a dog is unique.  There may be many black dogs in the world, but every one of them has a unique personality.  Every tree is unique, even though you can identify a maple tree by its leaves, no two maple trees are identical on earth.  That’s just the way God makes us.  You never even see two identical clouds in the sky.
 While I realize that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the only one we are to imitate is Christ Jesus.  And even that is not saying we are to be a carbon copy of Him.  Yes, we are to think like Him, love like Him, be forgiving like Him to others and OURSELF, and act like He would act toward others, but the Father doesn’t want another Jesus, else He would have created a giant cookie cutter machine and made us all Jesus. Instead,  I believe what the Father really wants is for every man, woman, and child to use their own uniqueness that He created us with to be an individual version of what the Lord Jesus would be if He were in our flesh instead of the one He was born in.
 What if Jesus had been a Chinaman who loved to work in a rice paddy instead of a Middle East man who was a carpenter?  Would He still have healed people, showed compassion to them, and treated everyone with love and respect?  Of course!  What if He had been an Eskimo, or an Ethiopian, or a Native American?  Would He have acted any differently?  No.  He would have used whatever personality traits He had developed to give glory to His Father.  And WE should use our unique personality traits that God has given us to bring Him glory.
 Perhaps you have a love of music, can you use it to bring God glory?  Maybe you’re an artist or an auto mechanic, or a teacher, or a factory worker?  How about if you’re a doctor, or dentist, or a tax man, or a garbage collector, or a bookkeeper, can your life be lived to give God glory?  Of course.  No two of us are alike, yet it is our “uniqueness” that makes the world an exciting place to live.  Wouldn’t it be a boring world if everyone was like you, or worse yet, me?  How about if everyone in the world only ate corn?  The choice of restaurants wouldn’t be very important, because no matter which one you went to, the only thing on the menu is corn.  How about if there was only one make and color of car?  Boring, right?  Back in the old days you could buy any color Ford you wanted, as long as it was black.  Choices were pretty limited then, but thank God, He isn’t limited. God is pleased to make us every way but alike, so that we may use our own uniqueness to glorify Him. 
We were created in the “image” of God, but yet, He gives us the freedom to interact with one another and our circumstances in different ways. God doesn’t “program” us alike, so that we are like robots, but rather created a whole world full of people as different as our fingerprints.  Why should you envy to be like someone else?  God thought it good to create you, and then threw away the mold.  There will never be another you, and no matter how much someone tries, they will only end up being a cheap imitation of the real you.  And everyone wants the “real thing”, not a copy.
Why not celebrate your uniqueness today and thank God that He saw fit to create you just as you are.  While not everything we “do” gives glory to God, it is true that “who” we are does. 
Fat people often want to be skinny, skinny people often want to be fatter, poor people want to be rich, and rich people often wish their life was simpler.  Sick people want to be well, and well people always want something else they don’t have.  And nobody seems to be satisfied with who they are or what they have, and they end up being miserable because they are trying to be someone else they were not created to be.
Why not enjoy being YOU?  Seeing you are the best person qualified to do that, why not put it to your advantage today and be the best YOU on earth, and give glory to God.
Believe me, God didn’t make a mistake when you were created.  Your personality is by design, a gift from God.  What you choose to do with it is your gift to Him.