Many years ago when I was a kid, there was a saying I picked up from who only knows where. It was, “Yeah, says who?” I was a skinny little kid that people loved to make fun of. I was so skinny I only had one side. I read the comic book ads about the 98 pound weakling that the bullies picked on, and told myself, someday I’ll weigh 98 pounds and no one will pick on me anymore. I didn’t get up past 98 pounds till I went into the army. And I’m still skinny. Anyway, some bully would come up to me and say he was going to beat my brains out. So I would say “Yeah, says who?” That usually wouldn’t keep me from getting thumped, but it sounded good, anyway. They always laughed right before they punched me.

I thought about being a comedian when I grew up, but figured there were easier ways to make a living. Why, I would beat their knuckles bloody with my face. I’d punch their fist with my stomach. However, it did help me keep my attitude of not being defeated. . Even though I was often battered and bruised on the outside, I never got beat on the inside. You see, I was bigger on the inside than I was on the outside. I always knew that somehow, I was meant to be a winner. That undefeatable attitude saw me through the many rough times in my life before I came to Jesus.
When I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I found that old saying coming back to my lips again.

 In 1993, I was diagnosed with liver cancer and melanomas and was told I’d be dead in a month. The Holy Bible said in Psalm 103:2-3, “Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits, who forgiveth all thine iniquities, who healeth all thy diseases.” And guess what? Just as soon as I read that aloud, the devil said to me, “Boy, you’re going to die in less than a month and then I’ll have you!” “Yeah…says who, devil?

 I made Jesus my Lord, and I’m saved, and I’m healed, see? it says so right here in Psalm 103:2-3”. And I read it to him again, just in case he can’t read. And apparently he can’t read, or else he didn’t read the back of the book where it says we win. So the devil laughed and hit me with even more painful symptoms. He thought he had me beat. I was battered and bruised, but I could still say “Yeah, says who?” because I knew what GOD said in His word. If my job failed and the devil told me I was going to lose everything, I’d say, “Yeah, says who? GOD didn’t say that!”
If you have Jesus as LORD and SAVIOR in your heart today, you can put the devil in his place. The next time he spouts his lies to you about how you are going under and not over, that you are the tail and not the head, beneath and not above, the borrower and not the lender, cursed and not blessed, you can just smile in his face and say………”Yeah…says who?”

And GOD will smile with you!