From time to time people ask me “How long do I have to keep speaking God’s Word?” To me, that’s like asking, “How long do I have to keep being blessed?” My answer? “As long as you want the Word to work for you.” As you know, people are largely resistant to change, so that means, if you don’t study your Bible every day, you aren’t very motivated to start doing so. We tend to want to keep doing the same things everyday, but expect a different result.

Like a farmer, you may have been planting corn for many years, and you are so sick of corn that you never want to see it again, but did it ever occur to you to stop planting corn and plant something else? Most Christians are like that, you know. They’re so tired of being sick and tired and afflicted of the devil, and they say so all the time, but have you ever noticed that nothing ever changes for them? Their solution is right under their nose, but they never put it to use.

I can be around someone just a few minutes and I can accurately tell you the state of their life, how much they love the LORD, how good their marriage is if they’re married, how their finances are, and pretty much everything else about them. Just give me five minutes with them, and let them talk while I listen. Well, if I can do that, don’t you think the LORD and the devil can as well?

Here’s the thing: I have an old tee shirt that said, “The Word works wonders when the workman works the Word.” Truer words have never been spoken. But in order for the Word of God to work for you, you must WORK the Word. It doesn’t matter how much of the Word you have in you, if you aren’t putting it to work by speaking it out, it’s like a can of food, it can give you good nourishment, but until you take it off the shelf and open it, it’s not going to help you other than you being able to look at it sitting there. Oh yes, it’s fine knowing it’s there in case you need it, but it’s not actually doing anything for you in that unused state.

The Word of God is just like that; it’s the most powerful thing in the entire universe, but until you speak it out, it’s like an unopened can of food. I guess you could pick up your Bible and throw it at the devil, but you’re not going to hurt him with it. But when you start speaking the Word of God, the life in it is activated, just like it was when God spoke the universe into being. The devil will do everything he can to get and keep the Word of God out of your mouth, because he knows that once you find out you can defeat him with it, his efforts to destroy you are over.

But don’t think you can just speak the Word against the devil once, and he will leave you alone forever. Just like he did with Jesus, he will leave for a while, but he will be BACK with a new attack, and you’d better be locked and loaded and using the Word, or you’re in for it again. I find some people would rather just let the devil keep them sick and broke and depressed and sad, rather than put forth the effort to use the weapons God gave us. You’d think people would jump at the chance to get the devil out of their life, but as I said, people resist change. They want to have a testimony, but the truth is, when they get the test, all they have is the “moanies”.

Oh, the devil is after me again, I just can’t seem to get well, I’ve prayed, but nothing has changed. I’m trying to believe God, but it’s not working.” Well, you’ve just worked every word but GOD’S WORD! You have, however, pushed all the buttons to enable the devil’s will to work in your life. I really feel sorry for those who do that, but it’s their own choice, and they have nobody to blame but themselves for their troubles.

Here God is offering you His Word that works wonders, and you want to try a little here, and a little there, whenever you get around to it. Let me give you a clue, my friend: God’s Word is for full-time use. It’s like an armor you put on each day. When you take it off, you’re vulnerable to attack. When you talk trash, you have just opened the door for the devil to come in and have a heyday with you. Christ Jesus said it like this in John 10:10, “The thief cometh not but for to kill, and to steal, and to destroy; but I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

There just isn’t a way to say it any clearer. There’s no way to improve on it or make it more understandable. Think of the Word of God like a servant. As long as you want it to serve you, you must speak up and give it an assignment. For example, if you want a sound mind, free from fear and worry, work the Word of God. When Jesus was being tempted in the wilderness by the devil, Jesus said each time “It is written…” If you want His results, you must do things His way. It is written in 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Now once you’ve spoken that, what’s next? BELIEVE IT’S DONE! That’s where lots of people miss it. They don’t believe even half of what comes out of their own mouth. Have you ever heard someone say, “That tickles me to death”? Are they dead? No. Why? Because they lied, and they didn’t believe what they said. If they believed what they said, they would have flopped down DEAD! Well, how does that affect things when you speak the Word of God? If you don’t believe, you don’t receive; simple as that!

How can you expect the Word of God to work for you, when you don’t believe? All the begging and pleading in the world won’t make the Word work. All the jumping up and down and “declaring” won’t make it work. You can stand on your head in the corner and ring a tiny bell with one hand and chant some words, and paint your toenails purple, and that won’t make the Word work for you either. The only thing that activates the Word of God is BELIEVE it is done the moment it comes out of your mouth.

The choice is yours; you can stay in the mess you’re in and hope for it to get better, and keep asking others to pray for you, OR, you can speak and believe God’s Word, no matter what it looks like, what it feels like, or what other people tell you about it. God’s Word WORKS when you use it, but not unless and until. There are people with almost unbelievable testimonies of supernatural healings, of miracles cancelling tragedies, of money coming to them out of unexpected places, of deliverance from trials and tribulations, because they use the Word of God every day.

My friend, God is not running out of power. There’s enough for YOU to have your every need met every day. I’m not talking about “get rich quick plans” here, I’m talking about living in the perfect will of God where you are under God’s wings, where He is taking good care of you. Yes, the devil will still attack you because that’s what he does. But wouldn’t you rather be in God’s “tank” when the devil launches attacks at you? Plink, plink…”What’s THAT? Oh, it’s just the devil again, never mind him, we’re using the Word of God. He can’t touch us.”

And that’s what you get for working the Word of God. Never stop, never quit, never let down your guard even for a moment, for your enemy the devil is just waiting for you to say something contrary to God’s Word so he can attack you when you’re not wearing your armor. Keep working the Word. Do it every day of your life. Praise God often, you’ll make the devil so miserable, he will go looking for an easier target. Better someone else than you, right? Maybe they’ll get to the point where they will listen to you telling them how to have a better life by using the Word of God. And THEY will become a worker of the Word, and that’s how it spreads.  SPEAK THE WORD ONLY!