Which is easier; to believe, or to doubt?  Well, it depends which way you’re facing.  If you’re facing the biggest mountain you’ve ever seen in your life, and it looks like there’s no way over it, under it, around it or through it, then it might be easier to doubt if you’re like most people.  But, like I said, it depends which way you’re facing.  If you’re in faith, then that mountain will move, one way or another whether it wants to or not.  In fact, you’d have to do an about-face and actually doubt, for it not to move.  
   People tend to resist change.  If you’re a person of faith, you will resist doubt.  And if you’re a doubter, you will tend to resist standing in faith.  It’s just the way we’re wired.  Just like water and electricity flow through the path of least resistance, faith or doubt will do likewise.  Let’s say you’re presented with a severe situation, and you’re a doubter.  You’ll say, Well, what a fine mess I’m in now.  A friend might say, Don’t worry, everything will be ok.  Your reply?  I doubt it.  Why?  Because that’s just the way you’re used to doing things.  Believe it or not, doubters must actually be content to be like that, else you’d think they would change.
   A person of faith would face that same situation knowing God will work it out to their good.  How can they know that?  They have spent time with God, reading their Bible, fellowshipping with Him and learning that He never lies.  A person of faith is not just born that way, they have put forth the effort to change doubt into faith.  After a while, faith becomes the path of least resistance, for they have seen the goodness of God so many times, they would have to work at it to doubt Him.
   When doubt comes calling at a doubter’s house, they see it as an old friend and throw the door wide open.  But when doubt comes calling at a believer’s house, they peek out the window and say, I don’t know you, GO AWAY!   They recognize doubt as their mortal enemy.  Doubt, being of the devil, is a sly adversary.  It doesn’t come on like gangbusters as a rule, but rather as a nagging little thought that starts out saying, “WHAT IF?”  We will say they are laying people off at your job, and you just bought a house.  You know you’re a good employee, you work hard, have an excellent attendance record, and you get along well with your boss.  But what if?  What if your job evaporated overnight, how would you pay your bills?  How would you be able to take care of your family and keep your house?  What if you couldn’t find another job? 
No one is immune to trials in this life.  The Bible says we will have troubles in this world.  That’s just part of life.  But have you ever noticed, there are some people who just always seem to come out on top no matter what?  And there are others who always come out under.
   “What if”, which is the shipwreck of many, can also be the light at the end of the tunnel if you stop and consider God.  What if there was a victorious way out of your problems?  What if every time you faced a trial, you could come out on top?  What if your life could really make a turn for the better?  If you’re a doubter right now, might you be willing to doubt your doubts?
   Spending your life in doubt has accomplished one thing: it has made you really good at doubting.  Use that experience now to doubt that the devil can continue to ruin your life.  Use that doubt when the devil says, You’re stuck in this rut forever, sucker!  Like you’re used to doing every day, simply say, “I doubt it!”  Hey, was that so hard?  You have to start somewhere if you’re going to start believing God for a better life, and there’s no better time than right now.
   If you’ve received a bad report at the doctor’s office, if you’re prone to doubt, then doubt that bad report.  Change has to start somewhere.  Think of faith and doubt like the transmission in your car, faith goes forward, and doubt goes backwards.  Now, if you’re going backward, what do you have to do to go forward?  You have to stop!  You simply cannot go backward and forward at the same time, at least not with any car I’m aware of.  Doubt always takes you backwards. 
The Bible describes it like this in James 1:5-8:
Jas 1:5  If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.
Jas 1:6  But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.
Jas 1:7  For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.
Jas 1:8  A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

   You want to become stable, fixed, unmovable, standing on the solid rock of Christ Jesus.  You want your house to stand when the floods of life come, and be able to lay your head down at night and have sweet sleep and wake up refreshed.  You want to quit doubting, once and for all.  Then you have to stop, and put it another gear.  My suggestion is this: once you’ve decided you’re ready to change, STOP whatever you’re doing, put it in forward, and floor it!  Don’t even give doubt a chance to creep in, or you’ll never go anywhere you want to go.  Will you ever have a chance to doubt?  Sure, only about twenty four hours a day, but if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, you will learn to stop letting doubt have control of your life. 
   Resisting the urge to doubt will take some effort on your part, but let me assure you, the blessings of God are SO worth it!  It’s easier than you think:  put the same effort into believing God that you did in believing the devil, and you’ll be amazed how quickly things will turn around for you.  Sooner or later, faith will become the dominant force in your life and will take over when trials come your way.  You will see mountains tremble and move at your rebuke, and where once the devil walked all over you with golf spikes, he will tread softly away when he sees you coming.
   Imagine waking up and hearing the devil say, OH NO!  HE”S AWAKE AGAIN!  Where he was once your greatest nightmare, you are now his.  How can this be?  You simply changed gears, from backwards to forward, from doubt to faith. 
   Mountain, you’d better move, because if I can’t go over you, under you, or around you, then I’m going right THROUGH you!  I’m no longer a doubter, I’M A BELIEVER!!  And when doubt comes calling, there won’t be anyone home.