There are winds of change blowing in the Spirit realm right now. Changes like we have never known since the Jesus arose from the grave. For over 2000 years, believers have been saying “Jesus is coming soon!” And every generation has believed His return was imminent. But at no time in history has the evidence of His coming been more compelling than now. Just look at the current events! I know we will be busy from here on out preaching “Get ready!” God has told me to start preaching repentance strongly, as He wants to come for His Church, and it isn’t ready.
For the last 11 years, I have had a different message for every service I’ve preached, never preaching the same message twice. But a couple months ago, God gave me a new mandate A total change of direction! Yes, I still preach and teach healing and faith. God needs His children healed so they can serve Him. But there’s something a whole lot more important! And that is for the Church to be ready for His return. He told me at midnight June 30, 2003, “Judgment has begun on the Church”.
Let me tell you something I had going on. I was constantly receiving prayer requests from a certain church . They were under constant affliction, one thing after another. The pastor was having an adulterous affair on his wife and I knew it and told him several times to step out of the pulpit and repent and get his life right, but he refused. At 11:30 p.m. June 30, 2003, his wife sent me a prayer request “Please pray for us, we are losing everything.” I was sitting at my computer when it came in, and sent right back, “Do you expect God to bless sin?” I told her God will give the flock to a pastor who will feed them, as He cannot leave His sheep with an adulterous shepherd. Seven hours later, she sent me an email saying at midnight, her husband died. He was only 51 with no medical problems. He was a Pastor for over 20 years!

I’m telling you, God will wink at sin for a while….He is graceful and merciful. But if you don’t repent, there’s a judgment side to Him. You need to know that. He is HOLY. He hates sin, and He expects His children to hate it, too! The problem is, too many of His children are numb to sin, because they have not guarded their heart. They watch junk on TV. They neglect prayer, and Bible Study. They allow pornography in their home. They don’t take an active stand against sin. They compromise with the Word of God. Then, they no longer have a clear vision of right from wrong. It’s all “gray” instead of “black and white”.It doesn’t happen all at once. It just sneaks in a day at a time. Here a little, there a little. It’s the “little foxes” the Bible speaks of.
Judgment has already begun on our country for our sins. All these disasters are because of the sins of the nation. We have poked holes in the protective covering over America that God has placed there. The homosexuality, the pornography, abortions, perversion and other sins brings sickness and death. We have sinned so much as a nation, that the land itself is sick of us, and is vomiting out its inhabitants. Jenny and I have ministered in 3 corners of the country in the past few months, still needing to be sent to the Northwest region. Now I hear that a volcano is ready to pop any day now in Washington again. And although they say it will only be a very small eruption, I know it is a warning for the people there to repent, and if they don’t, it will be a massive destruction, just as it is in Florida right now.

California has a history of earthquakes, and people have kind of gotten used to them. They are ignoring the warnings to repent. There isn’t a place in the country that will be untouched if people don’t turn from their wicked ways. God always comes first with mercy. If the people don’t respond to mercy, I promise you, they WILL respond to destruction. You mark my words. Have you noticed on TV that no one they have interviewed on the news in the disaster areas has said, “I think it’s time for us to repent of our sins”? It’s because they are blind to what is going on. They can’t put 2 and 2 together, they’re so blind. These disasters will intensify until we repent. Let me draw you a picture. Suppose you have two acres with a house in the middle of a thousand acres of forest. If the forest catches fire and burns down, do you think you will not be affected? Yes, God will protect His people, but are you one of them?
How much we have left when it’s all over depends on how long it takes before people wise up and turn from their sin and turn to God. True revival must sweep America, from coast to coast, border to border. Have you ever noticed that when a person is heavily afflicted, they cry out to God for help? Why does it take disaster to get God’s people to pray?
God is first trying to get His people, who are called by His name (2 Chron 7:14) to turn from their sins, and repent, so He can heal our land. Then after that, massive national crusades to reach the unsaved must be done. Time is very short. I used to think in terms of His coming in months and years. Now it has reached such an intensity with me, that now I think of His return in days and weeks.
Although all the prophets of the Old Testament told of the coming Christ, for thousands of years, it wasn’t until six months before Jesus was born, that John the Baptist was born. And just before Jesus began His earthly ministry, John began proclaiming repentance, to prepare for the coming of the Messiah. Well, Jesus is coming back quickly, and His ministers that are listening are RIGHT NOW calling for repentance and preparing for His return.

There aren’t many of us calling for repentance right now. Many are still preaching prosperity and bless me, bless me, and God DOES want His people to be blessed and prospered, don’t get me wrong. But He also wants them READY FOR HIS RETURN! And they AREN’T! Can you imagine Christians so focused on blessings, that they are left behind because of their carnality when Jesus returns? You’d better, and unless people repent, they will be left behind! God wants His people prospered so they can fund the preaching of the Gospel to the lost all over the world. Instead, many that are prospered are spending it on their own pleasures. And many that are called to go preach are without the funds to do so because of the greediness of God’s own people! It’s wake-up time, people! Unless this Nation, which was founded on Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible, returns to it’s roots, it will suffer much destruction and the hurricanes are just a sample.
Remember Noah. Life went on as usual for the people of the world while Noah prepared the Ark. He told people to get right with God, but they ignored him and scorned him. Then one day Noah and his family went into the Ark, and God shut them in, and then the rain came. People wanted in, but now it was too late. They waited too long to repent. And they died in their sins. What makes you think it can’t happen to you?
All of God’s people need to get the sin out of our lives and be saying “Prepare the way of the Lord, for He is coming!” Will you join us in sounding the warning? There is still time to turn our Nation back to God. It starts with you, and your house. Do it now!