While visiting at another church recently, I noticed the diversity in styles of worship.  The worship leader sang the same song it seemed like hours, and it sounded more like a woman in labor, than it did a worship song.  Truthfully, I was glad when it was over.  Then she proceeded to give a “word” that was merely a continuation of the above.  Worship continued.  Next to me was a man standing without any shoes on, saying nothing, with his arms outstretched.  Another lady read something she wrote, put to song.  Another lady’s lips were moving and she was shaking, but not a sound came out.
  Some like to dance when they worship.  Some REALLY like to pick ‘em up and put ‘em down, know what I mean?  Some even like to tear out of the back door and run through the woods, jumping over stuff,  shouting out praises to God at the top of their lungs.
     Some like to get down on their knees to worship.  Others lie on the floor.   Some get loud, thinking God is hard of hearing.  Others are quiet, saying God isn’t deaf.  Others say, No, but He isn’t afraid, either.   Me?  I’m the “thankful” kind of worshipper.  Sometimes I’m animated and loud, but most of the time, I’m quietly giving God thanks for all He does for me and telling Him I love Him.
 Well, when we finished worshipping, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “They’re all My children.  Each of them have different personalities, and I made them that way on purpose.  Wouldn’t it be boring if they were all like you?”  (Gee, thanks, Lord)   But I knew what He meant.  For example, I love mashed potatoes a lot.  But wouldn’t it be boring if all I had to eat was mashed potatoes?  No….  Ok, it would be after the first few years.  Alright, it would be boring, ok?  I admit it.
      It is said, variety is the spice of life.  So, if God created us, then, is it possible variety is also the spice of life for Him?  Could be.  You would do well to note how many kinds of creatures there are on this earth, and how many kinds of creatures are mentioned as being in heaven.  And the variety of fishes, birds, bugs, plants, and trees are almost innumerable.
      Just because your style of worship may not be like mine, doesn’t mean yours is any more or less pleasing to God than mine.  Just the fact that we are worshipping Him gives Him joy.  It is written in Psalm 22:3, “But thou art holy, O Thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.”  When we’re praising and worshipping Him, He’s right there enjoying His children, and blessing them.
      Some like to worship with musical instruments.  Some don’t believe in using any kind of instruments at all.  Some like cymbals and tambourines and drums.  Some don’t.   Some like to play the bass.  Others like the piano or organ.  Some play guitar.  Some like to blow the trumpet.   Some like to blow the windows out.  Some like it quiet.  And they’re all doing it to give God worship and praise.
      But do you ever notice that those who like to worship a certain way seem to draw others of like mind?  Thank God He made it that way so we could all just concentrate on worshipping Him and not get our shorts all knotted up about it.  You see, God can spend more time inhabiting our praises if we’re not fighting among ourselves about what does or doesn’t please Him when it comes to worship.
 You may be from a Baptist background, or Pentecostal, or Methodist, or Catholic, or Lutheran, or Assembly of God, or some other, but I’ll guarantee you that every denomination has it’s own favorite hymns.  Do you have a favorite song?  Well, I know you do, and so do I.  So we tend to think our favorite song is God’s favorite song.  That’s how narrow-minded we are.  Why not give God a lot of choices to enjoy?  We need to stop thinking it’s “my way or the highway”.    After all, who are we there to worship and please, anyway?  You?   The Church Board?  The congregation?  The worship leaders?   The Pastor?  Oh, hey,  I almost forgot!   It’s supposed to be GOD! 
      Now, I’m not telling you that to try to get you to worship in some other way.  No, you don’t have to dance and holler if that’s not you. But God  wants you to open your heart up to Him and just “let ‘er rip”.  That’s right.  Let that love for Him that is down inside of you COME OUT!  There are millions of reasons we should worship God.  And there are millions of ways to express worship to Him, and He has given you one of them.  It’s as unique as your fingerprint  Don’t worry about how the person next to you is worshipping. That’s between them and God.   You’re not there for them, anyway.  You’re there for HIM.  Give Him your very best, because He is worthy!