This time, I’d like to write about the FAVOR OF GOD. All of us could use some of that. Well, favor has been all over Jenny and me this year. Our Pastor prophesied some time back that God was giving us supernatural favor. And I’ve been seeing it. He said if one word could describe our ministry, it would be favor. Supernatural favor. Oops, that’s two words, isn’t it? The reason I’m telling you this, is not to exalt us, but to let you know that as our Partners, you are joint-heirs with that favor. Not only is God blessing Jenny and me, but He wants you to know that favor can extend to YOU as well, if you will simply turn on your faith switch, and receive it….NOW! Remember, Hebrews 11: 1 starts with NOW FAITH IS….. So when could you use some favor in your life? Now, you say? then believe now. That’s what Jenny and I have had to do, and let me tell you, it WORKS! I know that God is not a respecter of persons, but He is a respecter of faith.
The Israelites, God’s chosen people, were in bondage to Egypt for 400 years. That, my friend, is the opposite of favor. But when God said He was going to deliver them from slavery, He did it in grand style. It wasn’t enough for God to just let His people go. NOOOOOOOO! God sent signs and wonders through Moses and Aaron to convince Pharoah that HE was GOD and that He wasn’t the god of just plain getting along. He brought His children out of Egypt with much riches. MUCH riches. So much, that the Israelites actually spoiled Egypt. Well, God obviously didn’t have a problem with His children being rich, then, did He?

What caused the problem for Israel, was that when Moses was up on the mountain with God, they decide to cast themselves a golden calf. They belly-ached against God for 40 days, so God made them to serve a year in the wilderness for each day of grumbling and complaining. Does THAT sound like favor? Nope. Seems they lost their favor through their constant griping.
Has God set you up for blessing and favor, and your mouth is keeping you in the wilderness? It’s pretty obvious that God had set up Israel to bless them, but their mouths kept a whole generation out of the promised land. I want you to know something, dear ones, and that is, if God has done something before, He’s likely to do it again. During this series of meetings we have been doing, God has been pouring out His heart to the people, telling them how very much He loves them, how very much He wants to pour out blessings upon them, but that He can’t work contrary to His word. If He could, don’t you think Israel would have entered the Promised Land much earlier?
Concerning healing, stop shooting yourself in the foot. Out of one side of your mouth you say you believe you are healed by the stripes of Jesus. Then out of the other side of your mouth you are speaking to people about the sickness or symptoms. You’re asking everyone you know to pray for your healing. When are you going to believe it’s done? I had a lady who traveled quite a distance to have me pray for her last week. She announced boldly that she had her healing, and before she left, she had several others pray for her as well. Come on, folks, when Jesus comes back, will He find faith? It hurts the heart of God if you don’t receive your healing. Jesus took awful beatings for your healing. He shed His precious blood for you. Are you going to see it poured out in vain?

Your healing is already paid for. Why are you trying to convince God to do something He has already done for you? Let me enlighten you….give it to God and leave it there. Don’t talk about it ever again. If you’re talking about it, Jesus doesn’t have it. If He doesn’t have it, then YOU have it. Do you really want it? If you don’t then why in the world do you keep taking it back? If you have it, God can’t do anything about it!
That applies to finances, to relationships, to anything, and I mean anything that you need from God. I’m walking in the favor of God because I’ve let Him teach me a thing or two. Not everything God has tried to teach me has come easy. It could have been easier on me, but I’m kinda hard headed, like a Missouri Mule. Hello? Am I speaking to anyone here? God always offers us the easy way, but often we choose the hard way. God offered Israel the short journey to the Promised Land, but they chose the 40 year detour in the wildnerness. Again, like I said before, God gave them favor and sent them out of Egypt RICH! But they messed up, big time! And so do we. Wow, it’s unbelievable how hard headed we can all be. I see now why God calls us sheep. Sheep are about the dumbest creatures on earth. They are near-sighted, dense as a brick, and they seem to find every hole in the fence, every briar patch or mud hole around. And they stray off, preferring to choose their own path over the direction of the shepherd. Sound familiar?
God wants to shower you with His favor. Are you hindering Him?
During these meetings I preached a sermon on the favor of God, starting with a short testimony of what God has done for me. But as I went on, He just kept reminding me of more and more blessings He has poured out on me. I need to write a journal of every time He blesses me. Problem is, I wouldn’t get anything else done, because I’d always be making entries in that book! Not that I’m complaining. I’m blessed! I just can’t help it. Sometimes I think I must be His favorite child, He blesses me so much. Jenny told me once, “Jerry, it’s not all about you.” The Lord told me, “Yes, Jerry, it IS all about you.” Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you. I sent Jesus to die for your sins, and to take stripes on His back so you wouldn’t have to ever be sick again. And what I’ve done for you, I’ll do for anyone who will believe me like you have!”
Please don’t get offended at me because God has given me so much favor. I’m just testifying to the goodness of our God. There’s plenty to go around! I’m trying to help you get yours! Will you let me help you? Root out that junk out of your life that is offensive to God. I don’t have to tell you what it is. I think you know already. But if you don’t, just ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what is not pleasing to Him. He will do it for you in love, not harshly, but lovingly, because you know what??? God wants you to have His favor and enjoy your walk with Him.
I’m trying to keep balance in my teachings. God’s kids often face persecution. He said we would. But we can still walk in the blessings of God, no matter what the devil is throwing at us. How do I know that? Because even though I presently have mechanical problems with all but one of our vehicles (both ministry and all of our own), the devil can’t defeat me and Jenny. No matter what, we’re gonna come out smelling like a rose, because we have the favor of God all over us! We know, just like a bad taco, this too will pass. In the meantime, we’re just going to keep on praising God, rejoicing in His goodness and mercy, and keep on doing meeting proclaiming the goodness of the Lord.

I’ll tell you, the peace of God is so strong on us right now. Like never before, every time the devil throws lemons at us, the Lord makes us a tall, cool, glass of lemonade out of it! This has got to be the best time I’ve ever had in the Lord. Every day He is showing me more of His love. Every day He is showing me through the messages I’ve been preaching, that He’s coming for us soon, much sooner than we think, and that He loves us more than we could possibly understand.

Wow! What an awesome God we serve.
Oh yes, before I forget….last night on the way home from Nebraska, the Lord gave me a word, not only for me, but for you….
Exactly what does that mean? God’s moving, folks. Jump on board, or get left behind. Don’t want to be passed up? Neither do I. So, I’m gonna run hard for the Lord. Pursuing the Lord is what I’ve learned to do best. God will let you run as fast as you want to. He will grow you up as fast as you want to grow up in Him. After all, you can spend as many hours a day seeking God as you please. There is no limit. You can’t overdose on God.

 There are side-effects, however. The more you seek Him, the more favor He will show you!!