In due time, Jesus is coming back for His Church. He said it will be spotless and without wrinkle or blemish. I look around me and have to say, How can this be, Lord? We as a body of believers in Christ Jesus seem to spend all our time differing with one another. Not one denomination agrees with another. And not many within a single denomination agree with one another, either. Yet Jesus is coming back for His Church, not our Church. Certainly, strife is a spot in the body of Christ. Division is a wrinkle, and envy is a blemish. So if you remove those things from the Church, you have something God can work in and through. So many churches teach an “exclusive” gospel, in that they are the only way to God. And every church thinks the others are wrong. Instead of being “exclusive”, they need to be “inclusive”. Here is how it is done.
Picture a car, and four people standing around it, one in front, one in back, one to the left, and one to the right of it. They are all looking at the same car. So far, so good. That is, until the person in front says, “I’m seeing the car as having a set of two headlights and a bumper and a grille.” But the person behind says, “Well, I see the car as having a bumper too, but there certainly are not headlights, and there is most certainly no grille, whatever that is. You must certainly be mistaken, for it is clear to see, there are two red tail lights.” Hmmmmm…..I see trouble brewing….. Just then the person on the left says, “Well I’m looking at the car and you’re both wrong. There is a tire on the front, two doors with handles on the right sides of the doors, and a tire at the rear. I don’t know where you two are getting this headlight, tail light stuff. None of that nonsense that I can see.” Then the person on the right says, “Well, I mostly agree with the left side person. But their view is just a little off, too. I see a tire in front, and two doors with handles. But the handles are on the left side, not the right side. And a tire a the rear. You know, no one seems to have the correct view but me. Isn’t it a shame that they are all deceived?”
And this is how it is, my friend. How can so many views come of seeing just one thing? Who is right? In this case, each is looking at their view of the car from where they are, and each are convinced their view is the only right one. Why? Because that’s all they have seen. But I would bet that if you put each of them in the other’s place, it would sound something like this; “I was in the front, and now I’m in the back. I see the tail lights now, but how can this be? There were no tail lights in front, I’m sure. Could I have been wrong?” And the one in the back is now in the front. “Where are the tail lights? All I see are headlights, a bumper and that grille thing. This must be a mistake. I know what I saw. This cannot be real.”
 And the one on the left is now on the right, “Well this still looks familiar, but a little different. Hey, the handles have moved to the left. What’s going on here? But still, the other two people are way off”. And the one on the right is on the left now: “I don’t believe what I’m seeing. Someone moved my handles, too! Can’t they leave well enough alone? I must move them back to where they belong!”
And there you have it. That’s why the Church can’t get along. We all see a different side of God and few can agree God must be different that we perceive. Each of us think our way is the only way. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we each could see the car and appreciate it in it’s entirety and put away our exclusive view to include the view of others?
Now, I’m not saying every view of every person is right. Just as a car manufacturer includes an owners manual which states the correct view and use of the car, God also gives us His instruction manual, the Holy Bible, in which He instructs us all how He wants the body of Christ to be. And for those who put aside their view and take on His view, He will be back for them. And by the way, His view is from the top, which differs from all those below. And His is the right view. So that settles that, right?
It’s high time we quit bickering among ourselves and take the view of the heavenly Father. Accept the fact that our way may not be the only way, but His way is. God is willing to include us all in the plan of Salvation, if we will see it His way. He is not out to exclude us. We exclude others who are not of the same viewpoint as we. But before we say someone else’s view is wrong, we must look in the Master’s Book to see what is truly right. If He says it is right, it is right, whether or not we have been seeing it that way. And if He says it’s wrong, then it’s wrong, no matter how many of us here think it’s right.
Sometimes, someone sees things we didn’t see because we were looking elsewhere. I haven’t seen all there is about walking with God, and neither have you. Maybe I could improve my relationship with Him by hearing what God has done in your life, and seeing the part you have seen that I haven’t. And maybe your relationship with God could be enriched by my sharing with you what He has shown me. And guess what? We can all profit. If we all will be willing to let God apply His holy spot, wrinkle, and blemish remover crème to us, one day we will be His Church. You know, the one He is coming back for, His Bride, the elect, without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. The “inclusive” Church, not the “exclusive” Church.

He wants to include you! What do you say?