I am most pleased to agree with people in prayer for healing, for I know it is the Father’s perfect will that all His children walk in perfect health. But just today, my wife and I were talking about a person we know with cancer, who recently died. He was a Christian, and believed in healing. Out of the thousands I have prayed for, there have been now six who were believing for healing and yet they died, and it really grieves me. And I was asking God, “Why did this person die? They all knew it was Your will to heal, and they spoke Your word over their body. Yet they died, and I don’t understand why. Would you teach me?”
About that time, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said, Would you like to know the cure for cancer? I was very quick to say “Yes, Lord!” And He told me. It was a very lengthy explanation with much detail. And it covered not only cancer, but all other sicknesses as well. Every one of them. And since I do not ever want anyone I pray for not to receive their healing, I feel I must include this as part of my teaching before I pray for anyone from now on. I will keep it short and to the point. God said what He was going to tell me was the cure.

He said that sickness and disease came upon the earth and in all it’s forms the very moment that Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden. Adam rebelled against what God had told him, and because of that refusal to stay in obedience to God, sin and death legally came into the world, and to Adam and Eve. And eventually it killed them. That wasn’t God’s will, however. God created Adam (mankind) to live forever, and since there had been no sin or sickness in Adam’s world up to that time, there was nothing that would have ever ended their life here. But when sin came, sickness and death and the curse upon the earth came with it. I knew that already. But there’s more.
Every sickness in your body is rebellion in action. Your body is refusing to stay healed as God created it to be. Take cancer, for example; cancer is a group of rebellious cells in a person’s body that refuse to submit to the order of the body. They want to take over and destroy the body, as Satan wanted to take over heaven and destroy it. Cancer has an agenda of it’s own. It feeds off the body, draws nourishment from the body, yet it does not serve the body, or contribute to it’s wellbeing. Instead, the body serves it, through pain and suffering, and many times, death.

 If you have a child and you tell that child not to do something, and that child does it anyway, it is being rebellious. If a person driving down the road is exceeding the speed limit, they are being rebellious. They are saying, I will do it my way, thank you, I am a law unto myself, and I will not submit or obey. And many times, that person eventually gets arrested for being a lawbreaker. And rightly so. But sometimes that person seems to get away with being lawless. However, their sins catch up with them eventually. God tells us to forgive one another. But many carry grudges and unforgiveness, resulting in sickness in their own body because they are being rebellious.
Many people that consider themselves Christians do not go to church. Why? Because they don’t want to submit to a Pastor that God appoints over the local church. In fact, they really don’t want to submit to God, either, as God said not to forsake the assembling of yourselves together, as the custom of some is, but they don’t listen. They think they know it all and that no one can teach them anything. They’re rebellious! As I said before, rebellious people won’t submit to anything they don’t want to. If it doesn’t agree with what they want, then they’ll just do what they want, and if you don’t like it, then that’s too bad. And by being rebellious, they are opening the door of their lives and inviting the devil right on in. And if they don’t invite him in, then he will just kick the door open and come in anyway, bringing with him, strife, envy, jealousy, lying, backbiting, sickness, poverty, and all the rest of his junk.

 How can he do that to people who are speaking the word of God over their lives? Simple! The devil has the legal right to afflict anyone who is rebellious against God in any way!!
Way back in the book of Genesis, we saw in Chapter 4 how Cain decided to kill his brother Abel, as rebellion against God, his mother and father, and his brother, was in his heart. And that is easy to understand, as Adam and Eve were rebellious before Cain. And the devil and his angels were rebellious before Adam was even created. So where does rebellion get it’s start? From Satan.
When we are born, we are rebellious. If you don’t believe that, take two very small babies, and put one toy between them. One will try to take it away from the other, because it is selfish, even before it knows what selfish is. It’s a root of rebellion we are born with, thanks to Adam’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden.
So then, what does all this have to do with you? God’s word says in 1John 5:18,”We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that the wicked one toucheth him not.” Then it is safe to say, that if the devil is touching you in any way, such as sickness or disease, that you are in some way being rebellious to God, and that you have given the devil a legal right to afflict you.

Yes, I know you don’t want to hear that!

I didn’t want to hear it today either, because there was rebellion hiding in my heart, which I had to ask God to expose to His light and show me, so I could repent of it. And, boy, did He show me some stuff that was hiding in there. I even argued with God that I was not in rebellion. Let me save you some trouble….don’t argue with God. You won’t win! There are two rules to remember when you deal with God; Number one, He is always right. Number two; If you think God is wrong, refer to rule number one.

I had to drop down on my knees and repent immediately and ask Him to forgive me. Now this isn’t going to be a one-time thing. We are like magnets, and as we live in the world, “stuff”, and I’ll just call it “stuff” for the sake of being nice, sticks to us and becomes like seeds of rebellion in us. And if we aren’t continually submitted to God, we become rebellious. If it isn’t the speed limit, it’s our mouth. If it isn’t our mouth, it’s rebellion against our boss. Or our mate. Or the Pastor. Or the government, or against God’s Word.
The Holy Spirit told me that you can confess healing scriptures over and over until you are blue in the face, but if you are living in rebellion, you are wasting your breath. It isn’t that God doesn’t want you healed, it’s that you aren’t giving Him the legal right to apply His word to you. Get rid of the rebellion, and you get rid of the problem.
God wants us to walk in blessings, but our rebellion keeps us largely from doing so. And there is a judgment side to God, just as well as a mercy side. Moses was not allowed to go into the Promised Land, because of his rebellion against God at various times, like when He told Moses to speak to a rock and He would cause water to come out of it. Moses instead struck the rock, doing it his way, instead of God’s way. For that he was judged guilty, and he was punished. When King David laid with Bathsheba, he was being rebellious to God, and he was punished. Yes, God forgave him, but David still suffered damage to his kingdom because of his sin. There are more examples than I have room to tell of. It all boils down to this, rebellion is the root of sin and sickness. Pull it out by the root and destroy it! Before you go any farther, ask the Lord if you are being rebellious about anything. I think you know if you are, but if not, He will show you, because He loves you and eagerly wants to bless you! Then, repent of it and ask God to forgive you. He will, because He loves you.

Don’t let rebellion kick you out of heaven. Instead, kick it out of you. You’ll be glad you did!