Today as I was cleaning out an old toolbox, out of the blue, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me,  in such a clear and vivid way, it was shocking.  Funny how He used my act of cleaning out an old toolbox to get my attention.  Things in that box were securely locked up, settled, so to speak. Sort of like a steel trap, rusted shut.  Prophetic, huh.?  I was removing and examining the contents of that box long put away, when the Holy Spirit said so clearly, “I am Sovereign, I am God.  Some people including you have said, God can do anything He wants, except….  Let me tell you, Son, I AM Sovereign, and it’s time you and others learn the words “Sovereign” and “except” do not belong in the same sentence.  If I were Sovereign, except, then that means something has power over Me, to cause Me not to be able to fulfill all My will.  That just isn’t so.  I need to give all of you some revelation here, and set things straight.  Because I AM Sovereign, you have salvation and all My blessings available to you.  The devil can’t thwart me, nor can an act of your will.  I will have My way, because I AM God.  You and other ministers have taught that if I always got My way, then everyone would be saved, and everyone would give their tithes, and the fact that isn’t happening proves I don’t always get my way.  That gives people the idea that I AM not Sovereign, and the buck stops here.  Remember Paul’s encounter with Me on the road to Damascus?  Did I not overrule his will with Mine?  I have sworn by Myself, the word is gone forth from My mouth righteousness, and shall not return void, that unto Me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.”

    When I heard that, a whole new fear of the Almighty God came over me like a wave.  i DROPPED IMMEDIATELY TO MY KNEES!  I think I know how Moses must have felt when he heard from the Lord.   I told you two years ago that the church is entering a time of correction, and you’re seeing it right now.  Several ministries have been brought into question recently, which I’m not going to address here.  That’s between them and God, and we all need to be thanking God for His correction to each of our lives.  Because He loves us, He corrects us.  What we’re seeing is God showing His Sovereignty over mankind and the will of man.   Lest we forget, God created us, not vice-versa, and as the Creator, He holds sway over all creation.  And what He has begun, He will complete.  Period.  With, or without your cooperation, thank you!

    A couple years ago, the Holy Spirit asked me, Jerry, do you want to be popular, or do you want to help people make heaven?  Well, that was a no-brainer.  I want to help people make heaven.  He said, Then you’re going to have to tell people some things they don’t want to hear sometimes. 

    And I have.  I can tell that when the offerings stop coming in.  Well,  I’m about to do it again because God is cleaning house!  He told me once He has given me a ministry like John the Baptist, to make straight the ways of the Lord.  Listen!!   I’ve seen far too much of this stuff of believers using God’s word to order Him around, so to speak, like a genie in a bottle. 

    They say such and such is promised us in His word, and being He cannot lie, it must certainly come to pass.  Some of that is the sowing and reaping teachings going around rampantly these past few years.  I was recently sent a teaching from another minister about sowing and reaping,  which, by the way, is almost word for word from one of my own teachings from over 10 years ago.  I’m glad to see I’m not the only one seeing these things.  For example, how many of you have sowed for years and years and have consistently received 30, 60, 100 fold on their offerings?  Don’t feel bad, I haven’t, either.  Then obviously, if a Sovereign God promised it, and if He’s truly Sovereign, then it must come to pass. 

    Why isn’t it?  Because some of what has been taught to us isn’t what He said.  For one thing, Jesus said, some thirty, some sixty, and some an hundred.  What does that mean? Some don’t get any.  You see, we can’t twist what God says and then demand He make it good. That would be like you writing checks and signing my name to them and expecting me to make them good!  Ain’t gonna happen, folks!   The promises HE makes, HE keeps.  The rest of them He isn’t responsible for.

     Now get this!!  If I twist what God said to tickle your ears to make it sound pleasing to you, or to feed your greedy ambitions, then you may follow me and give me lots of your money in anticipation of this harvest you’re told God will give you for your sowing.  If I work real hard at making you feel good, you will follow me and bring all your friends along with you.  If I tell you everything you want to hear, you’ll stay longer, and that translates into my popularity, which in turn means my prosperity (not necessarily YOURS).  You may hang around a while as I explain, seed, TIME and harvest.  Gotta give it some more time, Bro, for your harvest to come in.  (You’ve been hearing that for years now, right?  Tell me, is your harvest here?)   And in the meantime, keep sowing.  Give NOW! Don’t stop! “You’re just one check away from your miracle!  You’re just one check away from your breakthrough! *” (*quote from a prominent minister whose video was on U-Tube saying that) Put MORE seed in the ground.  “An extravagant seed always brings an extravagant harvest”, another prominent minister said.  But is God responsible to make it happen?

     No.  What happens is that false teaching gets people expecting things from God that He didn’t promise, and then when it doesn’t happen, they think God can’t pull off what He said He would do.  Sooner or later, they get discouraged and think He’s not Sovereign.  And the end result is people falling away from their relationship with God, or worse yet, getting mad at God, and getting all their friends mad at God.  Of course, many of those who fall away are those who build their whole relationship with God on what they can get out of Him.  I call them “Gimme’s”  “Gimme this, gimme that.  I want I want.”   It is written in Proverbs 30:15, “The horseleach hath two daughters, crying, Give, Give.”   

    How soon we forget we serve a sovereign God, and yet He loves us so much, He offers us salvation, healing, and all manner of blessings if we will obey Him.  And if we don’t, hey, we will suffer the consequences.  Either you will hear “Well done!” or you will be “well done”.  Need I elaborate?  I know some people don’t want to hear that, but I’m not on anyone’s payroll, so I’ll preach it like I hear it from the Lord.  I’m helping you here.  Stop expecting to be spoon fed.  Dust off that Bible and get into God’s word and see what it says for yourself.  You may find God will clean out YOUR toolbox, too.    

     Over the last 14 years, I’ve taught a lot on healing and have seen many people healed.  But I’ve been real careful only to teach what the Bible taught about healing, so as not to give people false expectations.  By realizing God is Sovereign, and teaching that, it further strengthens our faith in His promises.  Notice I said “HIS PROMISES”.  Forget man’s doctrine, it isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.  If God said it, then you better believe it.  After all, He’s Sovereign.  And don’t you ever forget it!  A sovereign God certainly has the stuff to make His word happen.  While some of His promises to us are conditional to obedience, some are conditional to “fear not, believe only“, and some are conditional to “whosoever will”, don’t you ever doubt for a moment that if you will do the part He requires of you, He will do what is required of Him.  Remember, HE’s sovereign.  We’re not.

     My whole purpose for being in the ministry is to raise up disciples who KNOW the Word, and will go forth and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in power and demonstration of the Word.  God confirms His Word with signs and wonders. Remember, God isn’t going to change to suit us, now or ever.  So we’d better change to suit HIM!