Ask any race car driver, they will tell you that second place is only “first place loser”.  There are only two options, winning and losing.  It doesn’t matter if you tie for second or third place, you’re still tied for “loser”.  Of course, you can look at losing as “almost winning”.  Sadly, too many are satisfied with “almost winning”.

            And it’s the same principal with the Great White Throne Judgment.  If you’re not on Jesus’ right hand, called the Well done, good and faithful servant” side, then you’re on his left hand, headed for the Lake of Fire, which is called the well done” side.  You get the idea.  It doesn’t matter if there are a thousand on His left hand, they are all tied for “loser”, so what does it matter if they are loser number one, or loser number one thousand?  Not one bit.  They still lose.

            Almost winning doesn’t get it when it comes to salvation, and it doesn’t work with healing, either.  Would you be satisfied for Jesus to “almost save” you?  No?  Why not?  Wouldn’t it be just as good to stand outside and gaze into the gates of heaven, as it would be to enter therein?  No?  Why not?  It isn’t the same, that’s why!

            Imagine a man marrying his beloved, but on the condition he can only look at her, never touch her, never kiss her, never hold her or even live with her forever. You could consider that a “second place” finish.  Sure, some other guy didn’t get her instead, so he’s winning, right?  You tell me.

            So, then, why would you be satisfied to be “almost healed”, that is, getting some relief from some of your sickness, but never quite getting well?  It’s “almost winning”, isn’t it?  That isn’t as bad as staying sick, right?  Wrong.  Because actually, you ARE staying sick, you just aren’t quite as sick as you were before.  But that is still losing.  And you’re not only still losing, but you’re deceived into thinking you’re winning when you aren’t.  Does that make sense to you?  Now you’re beginning to understand how many people live their daily lives in a “second place” walk with God.  They think they’re winning because they’re “sick and saved”.  

            Yes, you CAN be sick and saved.  But is that God’s best for you?  Well, it would be if healing was not part of your covenant of salvation.  However, that isn’t the case, as it is clearly spelled out in Psalm 103:2-6;  Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies; Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s. The LORD executeth righteousness and judgment for all that are oppressed.  

            If you are willing to settle for sickness after the LORD executed righteousness and judgment for the oppressed, by Jesus bearing all your diseases, then you’re willing to “almost win”.  And if you’re willing to almost win, then the devil will steal you almost blind, and you’ll spend your whole life almost healed, almost delivered, and in second place instead of first place.  You wouldn’t consider it salvation if Jesus only bore some of your sins, and just got you to the Pearly Gates, and not inside, right?  No!  Why?  Because it says He bore all your sins.  So why would you be willing to keep part of your diseases when it says Jesus healed all your diseases?

            The devil will do anything he can to get you to settle for second place.  He will try to convince you that almost healed is almost as good as really healed.  But it isn’t.  He has been trying to get God’s people to settle for less than they have been provided for by God ever since the Garden of Eden.

            If he can’t talk you out of your salvation, he will try to talk you out of your healing.  If he can’t get you to turn loose of divine health, he will try to swindle you out of your goods.  Failing that, he will work on your relationships with people.  But he will just keep working on you until he finds an area that you are willing to accept second place in.  And once you are willing to accept it in one area, sooner or later, you’ll accept it in every area of your life.  Remember, second place is only first place loser.

            You are in a race, and there’s only going to be one “first place”.  All other places are “loser”, whether it’s the second place, or the second hundredth place.  So what’s it going to be for you?