Have you ever wondered why you are living in this particular slot of time? Maybe right now you are wondering if there’s any purpose at all for your life, that you are just “marking time”? My friend, you are not alone. But there is a purpose that God has for you being here. You are not here by accident, but rather by Divine design. The Master of Time is right on time, and so are you.
Right now, you’re probably saying, “Finally… someone is going to tell me what I’m here for.” Yep, that’s right. Listen up. Picture the time plan of God like a relay race. Maybe it’s a ten lap race. The number of laps is not really as important as how the race ends. Any good coach knows that in a relay race, you save your best, fastest, strongest runner for the last lap. Well, we are in a relay race. During the previous laps, we Christians were handed the baton from the runner of that generation who ran his race the best he or she could. Each generation had those who ran up alongside the finishing runner at full speed and took the baton and ran like crazy with it.
Some runners ran strong and steady and made the finish line and the next runner came alongside and took over. Some took off like a bat out of your garage and tired out and couldn’t finish their lap. Still others took their eye off the finish line and forgot where they were going and got entirely off the track. Others failed to train for the race and never even showed up to run. Too hard, too hot, too cold, always an excuse…. But that’s not you…you’re rested, ready and able, and determined to win!

Now, run the clock forward to the present time. We are the runners of the last lap in the relay race. We have come up alongside the previous runner and the baton has been handed off to us. The finish line is in view. It’s up to us now to make it happen. We’re it, folks. The fastest, strongest runner is always saved for the last lap. The coach was wise in saving us till last, though many thought we should have been used earlier in the race. Not so.

 What if you had been born 5000 years ago, or 2000 years ago? Or 200 years ago? You would have been wasted, that’s what. But God was saving you for the final battle, when He rolled out the “Big guns”. You see, God knows your heart, what you can bear, how strong you are. He created you, remember? He knew just what He was doing by plugging you into this little slot of time, the time of the biggest harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God, ever! He put you here because you’re the right one for the job! Be not deceived, God is not mocked. The devil thinks he’s gonna win. HA HA, devil ! Think again. God saved His best runners for the last lap. We’re fast! We’re strong! And we’re anointed of God to run this last lap of His race and WIN! What are we going to win? We’re going to win millions of souls for Jesus, and finish this job, and the devil can’t do a thing to stop us. Oh, he will try, alright. But I read the back of the Book, and it says we won!

So don’t listen to the devil’s lies. It’s not too hard. You can do it. Jesus already did the hard part on the cross. You can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you. It’s not too late…if you’re alive and reading this, you’re right on time. Grab your baton and go for it! The devil isn’t going to run alongside of you, offering you a cool glass of water. No, he will do anything he can do to trip you up, distract you, or get you to run the wrong direction on the track. He will say you aren’t qualified to run. He will say the finish line is too far for you. He may even say you are trying to run in the wrong race. He may tell you the race is next year, not now. He may tell you “Relax, it’s nothing to get excited about, no big deal.” Whatever he’s blowing, let him blow. He’s defeated already. A loser. He tried to take on Jesus, and lost. Now he’s trying to take us on…..and lost again.
You see, God knew who to save for the last lap. He didn’t put you here too early, or too late in the race. Just like always, God is right on time!