Whether they realize it or not, many people are more concerned with pleasing people than they are pleasing God.  When you look on Facebook, for example, people want you to “like” their comments.  They want to please people and be noticed and approved by others.  Is that a bad thing?  Not necessarily, after all, we don’t want people NOT to like us.  But what about Christians, should we be pleasing to everyone?   From time to time I read some very critical posts on Facebook about Christians, some even blame all the world’s problems on Christians.  It seems to me rather, that the vast majority of people are willing to “go along with the crowd” to be acceptable to them, even if what they do goes against what God approves of.

We have to ask ourselves from time to time, “Am I a God pleaser, or a people pleaser?” It isn’t just a one-time thing, you know, as the devil creeps up on us with stuff that isn’t pleasing to God, here a little, there a little, and he has a way of numbing our conscience very slowly and gradually.  So if you aren’t daily taking stock in what God approves, and what you approve, you might take inventory a year from now and find you’re entirely out of line with what God approves of.  It never happens suddenly.  Society never changes in a day, it comes gradually over time, then one day you stand back and look, and it’s so different that you can hardly believe it. “How did we get HERE from where we were?” It comes from not comparing where you ARE to where GOD is on a regular basis.  You may have been in line with God last year or last month, but how about TODAY?  HMMMMM?

Take marriage for example, it has always been one man and one woman, and it’s been that way for thousands of years.  Now all of a sudden traditional marriage has been legislated away by people who have no regard whatsoever for God’s laws.  Now two men or two women can marry legally.  Now that traditional marriage is destroyed, what can keep someone from marrying his or her dog or goldfish, demanding to have their way, and where is the plumb line to say what is right, and what is wrong?  The plumb line has been wrapped up and put away, and few even took notice or cared to hold up God’s Word and say “This is right, and this is wrong”.  And the devil has chipped away at the cornerstone of our society and eliminated it.

Am I complaining?  Doggone right I am!  Where have God’s people been in all this?  It is said on the internet that 86% of people in America claim to be Christians!  If that’s true, then 14% that are not Christians has turned the entire nation away from God.  Of course I know those numbers cannot possibly be correct, because if there were truly 86% Christians, I mean REAL CHRISTIANS, this desecration of American values would never have taken place.  So it is my opinion there are very FEW true men and women of God left in America, who are God pleasers, and not men-pleasers.  I know God always keeps Himself a remnant in every age.  Are YOU one of that remnant, or are you just a people-pleaser? Hard words, huh?  But TRUTH!  And most people don’t want to hear the truth these days.

I know that because of the number of people who unsubscribe from my newsletters, that they’d rather ignore God’s warning that their love for Him has grown cold, and just not hear that they need to be more on fire for God now than ever before.  I don’t write these articles just to have something to do.  I’m warning you from God Himself to get in His Word, and stop pleasing people, and start pleasing HIM!   Listen, Friend, your neighbor or Facebook friends did not go to the cross and die for you, Christ Jesus of Nazareth did!  It isn’t people you need to please in this age of lawlessness, it’s CHRIST JESUS!  Do you realize that if He is not pleased with you, you will in no wise enter the Kingdom of God?  Is He a harsh, hard to please God?  No, not at all.  In fact, He is very kind, merciful, graceful and He is easy to entreat.  But He is ALMIGHTY GOD, and it will be His way or NO WAY!

Years ago, the LORD called me to warn people from Him, to be a Watchman, just exactly like it says in Ezekiel chapter 3 and Ezekiel chapter 33.  Those words literally jumped off the page to me some twenty years ago, and I take God’s warning very seriously.  He wants YOU to be saved, and come to repentance.  You may be one who loves God with all your heart, and if so, I am very happy for you.  But what if you’ve let being a people-pleaser gradually move you out of God’s perfect will, and now you’re out there in the world without Him and you don’t even realize you’ve drifted away from God?   Hopefully my sincere warning will make you stop, take stock of your spiritual condition and turn back to God with your whole heart while you still can.  Sooner or later, Christ Jesus is coming back for HIS BRIDE, for all those who are IN CHRIST at His coming.  That doesn’t include those who WERE in Christ at one time and walked away, or those who were NEVER in Christ to begin with.

The Bible is like a plumb-line a master carpenter uses to build a house.  God isn’t throwing together a house any old which way, it is very carefully built exactly the way God said it must be.  He will not compromise with defective and faulty materials, they will be rejected and thrown out.  WE MUST NOT COMPROMISE WITH THE WORLD, EVERYTHING THAT DOES NOT LINE UP WITH GOD’S WILL MUST BE REJECTED AND THROWN OUT!  If we want to be the Bride of Christ, we’d better get serious about it folks, God isn’t playing games.  God is looking throughout the world right now, searching for those who are HIS and HIS ALONE.  He is not looking for people-pleasers, He is looking for God pleasers and will be satisfied with nothing less.

How about YOU, can he write your name in the GOD-PLEASER book?