Have you ever noticed how much email you receive asking you to forward it to others that you know?  People ask you to forward jokes, or pictures or some cute story, and most people do forward them.  But how many of those items truly bear importance and the need that many be notified?  Not many.  Now that’s not saying the picture of Aunt Bertha’s cat doing a back-flip isn’t the most important thing Aunt Bertha has seen in her lifetime, but in the scheme of things eternal, is someone’s life going to be changed?  Not likely.

Is there ANYTHING you can pass on to others that really matters?  I mean really, there is new technology popping up each day, and governments all over the world are spying on people and each other, wars and rumors of war, earthquakes, famines and pestilence, different disasters happening; nothing new there. Yet there is one thing that bears enough importance, so much so, that should be repeated face to face, forwarded by email, by telegraph, telephone, or tell-a–woman, and that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now about now you’re thinking, why would I forward THIS to my friends?  I’ll tell you why.  If someone is really important to you, then you will want the very best for them.  And while it is said “If you want to send the very best, you’ll send them a Hallmark Card”, I venture to say the LORD did them one up, in that He sent His Son Christ Jesus to pay the price for their sins, and to bear all their sickness and diseases in their place.  Now I don’t know any Hallmark Card for any price that does that, yet, Hallmark is doing a very tidy business these days.  Shouldn’t God be getting more attention than Hallmark?  Shouldn’t God be getting more attention than Aunt Bertha’s cat, or the latest Face Book posting?

My wife tells me Face Book has many good things on it, but personally I don’t mess with it, because to me it’s just another distraction out there to tie up people’s time and divert them from what is REALLY important, and that is their eternal future.  If you spend eight hours a day working, and four hours on Face Book (or more), that is twelve hours.  Assuming eight hours to sleep, and that is twenty hours.  Then you have to bathe, eat, go to and from work, and shop, that leaves precious little time for God. Actually, how much time have YOU spent with God today? I rest my case.

Now I’m not just picking on Face Book, but rather EVERYTHING that is going to keep you out of the Kingdom of God.  Yeah, I know, you go to church sometimes.  You may have even asked the Lord Jesus to save you, and then went back to whatever you were doing at the time that seemed more important to you.  But I’m telling you the truth, IF YOU DON’T HAVE TIME FOR GOD NOW, IN THE DAY OF JUDGMENT HE WILL TELL YOU HE NEVER KNEW YOU.  And no Hallmark Card is going to save you then.

My friend, in the Day of Judgment you will experience one of two things: either you will hear ‘Well done”, or you will BE “well done” in the lake of fire, do you understand that?  I’m not pushing “religion”, I’m telling you, everything in the Bible is pointing to what we are seeing in the current events.  The time of the end is rapidly approaching, and if there is ANYTHING in the world that is  truly important to you right now, it is your soul.  And the second most important thing in the world is your neighbor’s soul; that being your husband or your wife, or your child or grand-child, aunt, uncle, or business associate or neighbor.  All of them seem to be important enough to you that you forward them funny emails or pictures, but ARE THEY IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO CARE IF THEY MAKE THE KINGDOM OF GOD OR NOT?

There are many shouting “The end is coming, the end is coming”, and I’m only one of them, and you can disregard this if you want, but in the end, I will say “I told you so”. And you won’t be able to say, “Jerry knew Jesus was coming, and he didn’t warn me.”  Yes, I warned you MANY times.  I warned you that if you truly love your family, you will tell them about the Lord Jesus, or at least get them to someone who will.

I’ve been reading about those who will be cast out of the Kingdom of God into outer darkness, how they will wail and gnash their teeth for anguish because they rejected the King of Kings.  Oh, maybe it wasn’t outright rejection.  Maybe it was only that Face Book was calling and they really MEANT to make time for God when they got around to it, but it just never happened.  Maybe that TV show was just too good to turn off, and that you’ll take time to pray tomorrow, that is if there isn’t something else on TV that is more important.  Maybe your time on the internet is more important to you than Jesus.  I sorrow for you, for you will pay dearly for that one day.  Maybe not today, maybe next week, but sooner or later if you don’t change things TODAY, RIGHT NOW, and get things right with God, He will come suddenly and unexpectedly upon you and it will be