No doubt, people are creatures of habit. When faced with a decision, nine times out of ten, people rely on their feelings to tell them what to do. Now, if you’re smart, you’ll rely on the Holy Spirit to guide your decisions. But most people only use the Holy Spirit for a backup, you know, after you’ve followed your feelings, and your decision crashed and burned, that kind of backup. We could sure save ourselves a whole lot of grief if we went first to the Holy Spirit.

We will say you’ve been to the doctor, and they tell you that you have cancer, and you ask what your options are. Been there, done that, so I know from experience. Let’s say they tell you, we are going to start you on chemo. So you say ok. Did you ask God first before agreeing to chemo? Uhhhhh, you mean I’m supposed to check with God first? Isn’t that MY decision? After all, it’s MY body.

Excuse me, who said it’s YOUR body? Seems to me the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20,
19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?
20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

Let’s say you go to the store and buy a TV. Prior to your buying it, the TV belonged to the store, ok? But now YOU have purchased it, so now it’s YOURS to take home and do with as you please. So you plug it in and watch whatsoever you desire, because its YOUR property, and you don’t have to get anyone’s permission to watch it whenever you like. So naturally, you have been in your particular body all your life, so you think it’s YOURS. Wrong. It’s NOT yours. It’s “on loan” to you as long as you live on this earth. You are the “occupant”, but not the Owner.

Now, you probably receive mail addressed to “occupant” from time to time. And most of the time, you probably don’t even open it, but rather, you toss it into the trash. Why? Because it doesn’t have your name on it, so it has no legal consequences upon you whatsoever.

Well, you are only the “occupant” of your body, as I said, and as the occupant, the legal consequence falls to who? THE OWNER. My friend, whether you agree or not, the truth is, GOD OWNS YOU, and you are not your own. He created everything. He created YOU, and whether or not you like the idea, you are HIS and not your own.

Now, as “occupant” of a house you have borrowed money on, try bulldozing that house and see what the “owner” (the bank) does. They will be all over you like stink on doo-doo before you know it, for you have destroyed mortgaged property. And believe me, the court will side with them, as long as that loan has not yet been paid off. Do you see where I’m going with this? You may be maintaining your body. You may be feeding it, and exercising it, and paying for life insurance, but it’s owned by God. So before making any major decisions about it, you have an obligation to God to consult with Him as to what He wants you to do concerning any surgery or deletions, or modifications. And of course, I know everyone does that….yeah, right!

Now before you get unhinged, and tell me that God has given us free will, yes I know that. You have the freedom to choose whatsoever you want to do, BUT, you don’t have the freedom to choose the CONSEQUENCES of your decisions! That’s the OWNER’S decision, and you aren’t the Owner. So you agree to chemo, and not immediately, but pretty soon, you start seeing the consequences: you’re sick, your hair is falling out. Did you ask God if that is what He wanted you to do with HIS temple? I didn’t think so…..

Now, I’m not coming against doctors here, because sometimes they are a real help. But in the case of cancer, the industry isn’t there to cure cancer, they’re there to stay in business, and if you can disprove that, go for it, I’d surely welcome being proven wrong. More and more, we are seeing lawyers popping up everywhere offering to sue Big Pharma over people suffering injury or dying from “treatments” that don’t work, and side effects that lead to more and more additional medications to counter the other medicines you took.

So in the end, when your body is destroyed or nearly destroyed, you’re calling out to God to have mercy and heal you. Why didn’t you just do that in the first place? You know, if you have rats in your house, is your first thought to take rat poison? No, but that’s what we do when we bypass the Owner of the body, and just do our own thing, thinking we know what’s best.

There is ONE who created your body; that is, your temple. And it wasn’t you, it was the LORD. He designed it from cell one, He declared the purpose of every cell in that body, it was HE who fearfully and wonderfully made it. So doesn’t it stand to reason to return it to the Manufacturer if there’s a problem?

If you buy a new car, it’s covered by a Manufacturer’s warranty. That means, if there’s a problem, you take it to an authorized repair station specified by the Manufacturer. You don’t take it to Joe Blow’s Used Car, Stereo, and Screen Door Store to get it fixed, or you have just voided the terms of your warranty. YOUR WARRANTY IS WITH GOD! He may tell you to go to a doctor, that’s not my decision. And it isn’t YOURS, either! Your body is HIS TEMPLE, and you are not your own, you are purchased with a price: the blood of Christ Jesus of Nazareth.

Although we were created with “feelings”, they often lie to us, and many times those lies can get us killed. When I had cancer in 1993, and was told I only had less than a month to live, my “feelings” got highly aroused. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. What was I to do? My feelings told me to seek another opinion, so like everyone else does, I asked my friends what I should do. Turns out the doctor had the right advice, he told me to go home and get my affairs in order. So that weekend I asked the LORD to forgive my sins and save me. Going straight to the Manufacturer, He told me to look in the Owner’s Manual in Psalm 103:2-3, which says, “Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: who forgiveth all thine iniquities, who healeth all thy diseases.”

I told God, I just asked you to forgive my sins, are you going to heal me, too? He told me, “I’VE ALREADY HEALED YOU.” “Well, LORD, you could have fooled me, I don’t FEEL any different, and I don’t LOOK any different.”

But, do you know what? MY FEELINGS LIED TO ME! Therefore, I say, never believe your feelings, because feelings are not of God. The Holy Spirit is of God, and if you will listen to HIS voice, and not that of your “feelings”, you will get the right advice the FIRST time, and save yourself a whole lot of trouble. If God tells you to go to the doctor, then by all means do so. But make sure it’s HIM telling you, and not your “feelings”, or your family, or your friends. God healed me with no treatments, no chemo, no radiation, because I simply took Him at His Word. And I’m still healed, even after twenty six years. Turns out the Manufacturer knows His products better than any “aftermarket” merchant.

You can put Genuine Original Manufacturer’s parts on your vehicle when it breaks, and make it back like new. Or you can go to some cut-rate place and buy some cheap aftermarket stuff that is not of the same fit and quality as the original, and end up suffering in the long run, even though you “felt” at the time you were saving money and doing the right thing. Never believe your feelings, go to the Holy Spirit and get the TRUTH!