While the Lord never promised us a life without problems, He promised He would never leave or forsake us. That means God wants to spend time with us. And He promises to draw nigh unto us if we will draw nigh unto Him. But people spend most of their lives seeking “things” they think they need to enjoy life, as well as the necessities, or solving problems, and if they have any time “left over” they may use it seeking God. It is written in Matthew 6:33, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. All what things? All the things we need, like food, drink, clothes to wear, a place to live, life, health, stuff like that. You see, the Lord already knows we have need of those things. But He wants us to have our priorities straight, and that is to seek Him first. Everything else will then fall into place. But we want to do things “our way” and that’s where it all starts falling apart.
Like any good habit that must be developed by making oneself do something one may not want to do at that particular moment, it pays off later in dividends by developing a lifestyle that is desirable. Many people say they want to spend more time seeking God, but yet it never seems to happen. Actually, it will never “happen” unless we make it happen. And that takes discipline and purpose.
While it seems necessary to do what it takes to make a living first priority, the Lord tells us that is not the right decision. That simply sets us up for failure and heartache. Our first priority should be to seek God, above all else. But of course, God gives us the freedom of choice, and so our choices mostly focus on the things of this world, and God gets squeezed out of the picture.
  And then we wonder why our lives end up in such a mess. Job problems, family problems, financial problems, marriage problems, frustration, depression, most all problems in life are the result of giving God last place in life instead of first place.
If you want a happy marriage, put God first. Then you will be a better mate for your loved one. If you put God first, your business ethic will improve, and you will seek to be a better employee. Better employees make better wages. Your finances will improve. Everything in your life will improve when you shift your priorities unto putting God first.
Why not honestly examine your life right now and make a list of what your goals really are. You might surprise yourself at how low a priority you have delegated to spending quality time with God in prayer, study, and worship. Like I said, spending more time seeking God isn’t just going to happen.

You will have to set aside time to make it happen. Just like you would set aside time for a business appointment, you must do the same with God. Otherwise, “other things” will always “come up” and that time you meant to spend with the Lord will be taken up.

Happens every time. The devil will see to that. You see, he doesn’t want you to spend time with God, because when you do, God has a way of taking care of your problems, and making your life more enjoyable, every time. And when that happens, the devil loses, instead of you. So now you know what to do, don’t you? Just do it! MAKE TIME FOR GOD!