What would it be like if everyone covered everyone else’s sins with love? Instead of finding and revealing everyone’s faults, we would instead ask ourselves, “Would we want others broadcasting OUR faults?” Well of course we wouldn’t, but that doesn’t stop it from happening, does it? What we all need in this “downtime” that much of the world is going through right now is more love and understanding. No matter who you are, you need your sins forgiven. There is NO ONE who can say they have no sin, we are ALL sinners, and as such, we are in need of mercy!

It is written in Proverbs 10:12, “Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.”
Now that’s the only verse I’m going to use today. So let’s just concentrate on getting ONE verse out of the whole Bible right, ok? Just ONE verse!

It’s real easy to look at someone else whose opinions differ from our own and get all stirred up and bent out of shape. I’ve done it, and you have, too, but that doesn’t make it right, does it? Times like that remind me of my own imperfections. Hard as it is to believe, I have a few…..just ask my wife…wait, NO, DON’T ASK MY WIFE!

I can look at that one verse and see all the times I’ve let God down, and also my fellow man. Like everyone else, I’ve stirred up strife at one time or another. I’m guilty! But when you realize you’ve done wrong, the next step is to STOP DOING IT! And moving on to the next step, the Proverb tells us, “……BUT LOVE COVERETH ALL SINS.” That isn’t just the sins you or I think may be small enough to overlook, but ALL sins, meaning great and small.

Of course, you realize my sins are little-bitty, and so there isn’t much to forgive, and yours are great big, so I have a lot more to forgive, right? WRONG! Sin is sin, whether it be stealing the Mona Lisa painting, or committing adultery with your neighbor, or driving over the speed limit, or favoring abortion. Sin is sin, and there isn’t a one of us whose sins are better or worse than anyone else’s. It is our sins that brought us to this week where over two thousand years ago, Christ Jesus of Nazareth, Y’shua Messiah, the very Son of God, laid down His life on the cross as the sacrificial lamb, slain for our sins.

Because we owed a sin-debt that we could not pay, that same Christ Jesus became our Passover Lamb, shedding His blood as payment in full for our sins. Yes, that’s right, for YOUR sins, and for MY sins. We did nothing to deserve or earn so great a love, and especially considering it was our sins that necessitated a Savior in the first place. “……BUT LOVE COVERETH ALL SINS!” Whose love? HIS love, the Lamb of God.

It is during this same week, over two thousand years ago, Christ Jesus lay dead in a tomb, having been crucified by Roman soldiers at the insistence of the Jews who had plotted His death, soon to rise again after the third day. Only they didn’t know that at the time. They thought they were doing the world a huge favor by having Jesus crucified. And do you know what? THEY WERE RIGHT! Had Jesus not been crucified, and rose again, we would NOT have salvation available to us today! So as much as I hate the thought that they had Jesus crucified, it was our heavenly Father’s plan for our redemption!

All the hatred Satan has for God was used to stir up strife against Christ Jesus. Sometimes I wonder how he could have accomplished that, considering how Jesus went about doing good, teaching about the Kingdom of God, and healing all the sick who were brought to Him. All Jesus did was show love and grace and mercy, whether they were rich or poor, it didn’t matter, Jesus covered their sins with His love. He always took time to care for their burdens, to listen to their questions, never showing hatred back for those who acted hateful toward Him. Indeed, Jesus fulfilled Proverbs 10:12 to a tee. In every way imaginable, His love covered all sin.

I’m sure He could have thought of a better way to spend the day instead of hanging on that cross in agony, suffering for OUR SINS! It wasn’t the nails that kept Him on the cross unto death. It was HIS LOVE! It’s beyond my comprehension how anyone could love that much. One might give their life for a good and loving person, but how about laying down your life willingly for those who hate you? Christ Jesus did that for us, loving the unlovable so much that He shed His own blood in order to cover and eliminate our sins forevermore.

As we head toward Resurrection day, let us remind ourselves how much we need a Savior, every hour of every day. Let us stop stirring up strife against those who are not of our persuasion. Let us cover their sins with love, even as we want our OWN sins covered with love. Let’s just work on that one verse, Proverbs 10:12, and get it working in our life. The best worship we can give God is to imitate Him. LOVE COVERS ALL SINS!