Recently, Jenny and I got back from a 3 day trip to Kansas about 11pm, and from there I got on the net to answer prayer requests, and got to bed after most people were on their way to work, for a short nap. It’s an odd ministry I’m in, it seems. While most of my contemporaries are out ministering in churches, when I’m not ministering in conferences, or churches or prisons, or hospitals, I’m doing one-on-one for many hours a day on the internet. Yet I know that Benny Hinn and other large ministers could not spend hours praying for one person, and teaching them for hours on end as I do on an individual basis. Sure, I like to minister to the masses like when I was in Africa, who doesn’t?  But who is going to take time for the individual who is hurting, who, for one reason or another just can’t seem to “get through” something they are dealing with, and they need individual help and prayer? I’ll bet their Pastor doesn’t have time to spend quality time with them. I’ve been a pastor, and I know how hectic it is for them. Those are the “ones” that God funnels to us.
I think there was once a time that I thought I was called to do so much “more” for God, that I didn’t have time for the “ones” because I had winning the “multitudes” on my mind. That is, until the Lord told me how precious that “one” sheep was that strayed from the ninety nine. He went looking for it.
My own thinking would have been to concentrate on the ninety nine. But if I can minister the love of God to the “ones”, someday, they will be a “multitude” if I stay at it.
 He knows I will be faithful over the little ones.
A man in Norway, who was unsaved and with cancer, died. I had prayed for him extensively and sent him tapes by FedEx Priority. He never accepted the Lord, nor did he believe in healing. I grieved over that lost one. He makes number six whom I have prayed for that died anyway. Never mind the thousands God has healed for me. Yes, I’m thankful for them. But those six that perished hurt my heart. And if they are precious to me, how much more must they be to Jesus, who went to the cross for them?
There was a person who recently asked me why I pray for a certain minister and his sick wife, as they are important ministers and they already have multitudes praying for them, and what possible difference could my little prayers help? I told him that my ministry is to seek God’s face about those in need, and that God would heal them for He loves them. My little part may not be a lot, but, then, one sheep out of a hundred isn’t much in the eyes of the world. Small change. Dust on the scales. But, the Lord told me how important the “ones” are to His heart, else He would release me from praying for them.

So until He does, between ministry engagements, I am going to be praying for the “ones”, one at a time, however many God sends to me.

And you may very well be one of them. Jesus has time for you. And so do I.