For the most part, people don’t care for dreary days, but rather prefer the sunshine.  Yes, there are those who like dreary rainy days, but I’m talking about the majority of people.  And there are what I’d call “sunny” dispositions as well as “dreary”, and we all know those of both types.  Which kind would YOU rather be around?

Some people just seem to draw others unto themselves, while others; well, we’d just as soon leave them alone, wouldn’t we?  What is it those with “sunny” dispositions have that the “dreary” ones don’t?  You don’t have to be around people very long to know which type they are, but do you ever consider WHY they are the way they are?  More importantly, which type are YOU, and WHY are you that way?

When you read in the Gospels about the Lord Jesus, it’s pretty apparent that He was of a “sunny” disposition; else the multitudes wouldn’t have been drawn to Him.  Yet, He was strict about His behavior, not going along with the crowd, but holding to rigid rules which He would not bend under any circumstances.  He lived a perfect life representing what life would be like if it were lived fully under the laws of God.  He never looked for “loopholes” in the law like people around Him did, and still do today.  He perfectly fulfilled all of the laws of God, and was the only man who ever lived who ever did so.  And yet, all types of people thronged to Him.  He drew the sinner as well as the saint, the just and the unjust, and He did so gracefully, all the while showing respect and love toward all.  Wow!  Can we say that of ourselves? Or are we only nice to those who are in agreement with us?

When Jesus walked in, He was the center of everyone’s attention, both those who loved Him, and those who didn’t.  But regardless, every eye was upon Him.  Why?  He always had something encouraging and graceful to say. He was always zealous for the ways of His heavenly Father, and even when He threw the money changers out of the Temple, He was not against the people, but rather what they were doing in His Father’s house. And still, the multitudes thronged Him, even when He corrected those who were in the wrong.  How is that?  He corrected people out of love.  He corrected, not condemned and didn’t run them down.  There IS a difference, y’know.

Some people have the uncanny ability to “correct” others, and yet manage to run them off.  Correction should draw people closer to one another, because correction should be used to save others from harm or loss, and showing outgoing love concern for them, and that’s how Jesus operated.  He never belittled people, but rather loved them.  He left us the perfect example of how to have a “sunny” type disposition, one that people would be drawn to.
I guess the bottom line is, Jesus had (and has) loving concern for people of every type, He only wanted what was good for them, so they could enjoy the blessings of God.  His total agenda was to restore those who were separated from God, back to God.  Is that OUR reason for correcting people, or do we just do it because they aren’t doing things the way WE want them to?   That in part decides if we are the “sunny” type, or the “dreary” type.  Everyone falls into one of those two categories, whether we think so or not.

Certainly, I don’t agree with some of the perverted lifestyles people are promoting today, and will be quick to say so.  But it’s only because they are cutting themselves off from the blessings of God.  It isn’t that God WON’T bless them, it’s that He CAN’T bless them, because He cannot violate His own words. I love the PEOPLE but not their ACTION.  And yes, you CAN love the person without approving of their lifestyle, but it takes the love of the heavenly Father living in you to be able to do so.

Motive is everything.  As I said earlier, do you just want to correct people because their behavior isn’t acceptable in YOUR eyes, or is there a higher motive of not wanting them to harm themselves and others?  Sadly, most people want to change others into their own image, instead of into God’s image, and that is a HUGE difference.  You see, the Son of God, the Lord Jesus, wasn’t interested in changing people for selfish reasons.  He always wanted others to be blessed by His Father.  That’s one reason He healed all their sick.  Love doesn’t want people to stay in bondage and suffering.  Love always wants the best for others.  Love is willing to forfeit an evening of TV shows in order to call or visit someone and encourage them and lift them up.  Yet, love will correct and admonish when necessary.

We see in society today that parents won’t correct their children because they want to be a “friend” or a “buddy” to them.  But the bottom line is they are just avoiding the responsibility to guide their children away from harm’s way.  That isn’t love, that’s selfishness; in that they don’t want to bother to be parents and look out for the good of their children.  What if God treated us like that, letting us continue to have our own way, even though it is leading us to total destruction?  I’m thankful for the boundaries that God set for us in His Word.  If He didn’t love us so much, He would have just looked the other way and said “Have at it”.  But no; He sent His Son to show us how to live in His blessings. If we were smart, we would pay attention.

If you let the SON shine into your life, He will bring the Father’s love right along with Him, and with the Father’s love, comes His blessings.  Before long, you’ll be saying, Hey, I like this life.  I need to be helping others to get in on these blessings, so THEY can be truly happy, too. Or, we can be the “dreary” type who just gripe and complain about the way things are.  You can tell that kind from across the room, it’s like a dark cloud over their head that just rains on them and everyone else around them.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been around enough of them to know it’s far better to be around the “SONSHINE”.

If you have lots of people following you, it’s likely because they know you love them for who they are, regardless of whether they are of the same political affiliation you are, or whether or not you agree with their behavior.  And if they aren’t following you, then maybe they don’t want you raining on them.  But saint or sinner, people see pretty quickly if you have love for them.  If you do, FINE, keep it up.  And if not, why not let the SON shine on you and change your heart?  You are dearly beloved by God, even if your behavior right now is not giving Him glory.  He has not written any of us off, unlike some of the people you may know right now.

If you have stood apart from God, it may be because you are judging God according the way some of quote “His children” have treated you in the past. Don’t do that.  All of God’s children have stepped into the light out of the darkness and are a work in progress, and none of us have “ARRIVED” yet.   Know this; God will accept you right where you are.  I’m not saying He will leave you there, because He won’t.  He will love you unconditionally, and will never leave or forsake you.  He will draw you into the SONSHINE, and once you’re there, you won’t ever want to be anywhere else.

So today, why not say goodbye to the “dreary” days?  God has a FAR better plan for you, according to Jeremiah 29:11, For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Let the SON shine in.  Your best days are still ahead!