History has a nasty way of repeating itself.  Every great nation that has risen, has also fallen sooner or later, and there is a reason for that: they forgot from whence they came, and took on other customs, peoples, and religions.  And it can be no different for America.  It seems we have forgotten what we were made of and where we came from, and little by little, America has changed so dramatically under the current leadership that it is no longer bears much resemblance to what it was just a few short years ago.  And this isn’t just about America, it is about other places, too.

Take Israel, for instance; God made the decision to call the Hebrews as a people unto Himself, to whom He would give His laws, and teach them His ways, and as long as they walked in obedience to Him, they were blessed beyond belief.  And you would think they would NEVER, ever stray from Him, seeing how good God was to them.  But little by little, they strayed away, until God gave them over to their evil ways, and they became captives to other nations.  Yet, in His mercy, He did not forget them, and after many years of captivity, their cries to Him moved Him to appoint them a leader, Moses, to lead them out of captivity.  They not only left their slavery, but God gave them so much favor that they left with much of the riches of Egypt.

So what happened?  God promised to lead them to a land of milk and honey, where He would give them the land as an inheritance.  But as they journeyed through the wilderness on the way, gradually they murmured against God, and built themselves a golden calf from the gold they had been given by the Egyptians, and started worshipping the golden calf, which obviously God was not pleased with.  And that generation lost its blessing with only two people, Joshua and Caleb going into the Promised Land with His blessing.  What happened?  The Israelites left off serving their God and this pattern has happened time and time again over the generations: blessings from God, zeal in serving Him, complacency in serving Him, turning from serving Him, abandoning God, falling into captivity, crying out to God for mercy, and God showing mercy again, starting the pattern over again.

America has fallen into that pattern, and we are in the “abandoning God” phase right now.  Oh, not everyone has left serving God, He always has a remnant who won’t bow the knee to anyone but Him, but by and large, America has left the source of its blessings to serve “other gods”.  Now, the importance has shifted from being a Godly nation, to being a POLITICALLY CORRECT nation.  And what else can happen but ruin?  Politics do not save and deliver us from destruction; only God can fill that bill.  But we have forgotten our “roots” and have planted a “new plant”, one that bears no good fruit for us or anyone else.  Lest we forget, GOD got us this nation, GOD blessed us, we did not accomplish all this on our own, GOD helped us.  And “as a nation” we decided we no longer need God, so He is abandoning us to our own devices.

Our once rich farmlands are not producing like they were, we have droughts and floods, fires and hurricanes and tornadoes and pestilence, and that was NOT historically the way things were.  We have foreigners coming illegally into our land, bringing their false gods, and we are saying WELCOME, bring your pagan customs, we don’t mind! What happened to “One Nation under GOD?”  Well, eventually it came to “which God?”, and then it was “many gods”, and then we started hearing our leaders say “no god but Allah”.  And then it started showing up in our schools which our leaders told us we could not worship God in, only to be replaced with teaching our children to start reciting the “five pillars of Islam” in class, and having prayer time in classes for Muslims.    WOW!  What happened?  We forgot our GOD, that’s what, and we started accepting that which is not God at all, and we WILL pay the price if we don’t REPENT, AND QUICK!!

Here’s the thing, there are two attitudes to take, ACTIVE or PASSIVE.  We are seeing the godless people being very ACTIVE in pushing their agendas, while Christians on the whole are becoming more and more passive.  And we wonder why the country is “going to hell in a hand basket”?  IT’S OUR OWN FAULT, for we have forgotten our GOD who brought our nation into the blessing it has been for its people.

You who are Christians, I’M TALKING TO YOU, PAY ATTENTION!!!  When was the last time YOU personally asked someone if they know Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior?  Has your zeal fizzled out and your love for Him slowly becoming cold, or has it already died out completely?  I’m not talking about simply inviting someone to church.  No, church is not going to save anyone, only Christ Jesus can do that.  It’s about a RELATIONSHIP with Him.  Churches today have become little more than social clubs and pot luck meals.  The true power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, accompanied by signs, wonders, and miracles, which was once the NORMAL, has given way to a gutless “feel-good” gospel that feeds only the flesh, and not the spirit.  Complacency has become the new “normal”, where we maybe do our two hours each week, thinking we are doing God some kind of wonderful favor.  That is, unless the fish are biting at the Lake, then we skip church altogether.

LEST WE FORGET:  God is still on the Throne, and He loves us all, sinner and saint, but He hates the SIN!  Christ Jesus paid the price on the cross that all may be saved, and as many as turn to Him WILL be saved.  As Christians, we have a responsibility to warn the sinner to turn from his or her wicked ways, and turn to the LORD, who will abundantly pardon.  Oh, and I almost forgot, we have a responsibility to make sure WE are still loving and serving God.  How can we turn an ungodly people to God, if we have forgotten how much God has done for US?

While there is yet time to turn our nation back to God from whence we fell, His mercy is still there working, pleading for us NOT TO FORGET HIM!  It is not too late to get ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, our cities, our states back in line with God’s Word.  He doesn’t want us to miss out on His blessings, but He will honor our free will, and if we turn from Him, we will ALL suffer for it.  It starts with YOU!  What are YOU going to do about it?  Don’t worry about what I’m going to do, or anyone else, God is calling YOU to turn to Him with your whole heart, right now!  Will you do it?  Will you let God use you to help turn someone to Him?  Will you speak up for Jesus?  Or will you just go on and say “It’s not my job….”, and let the sinners in their sins?

LEST WE FORGET GOD and fall to ruin like all the other nations before us.