We hear so many times that Jesus is coming soon, almost to the point where it’s like someone crying “Wolf!” over and over.  That means sooner or later, we quit paying any attention, right?  Do you realize that could be a fatal mistake?  Jesus said in Matthew 24:42, “Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.”  When I think about that verse 24:42,  24 reminds me, BE WATCHING 24 HOURS A DAY.  42 reminds me of 24 backwards, LOOK BACK, THE BIBLE PROPHESIED, HE’S COMING!

What would you be doing differently TODAY if you knew beyond any doubt that Jesus was coming back TOMORROW?  Would you make sure your walk with the Lord was on track?  Would you know you could face the Lord Jesus, or would you seek to hide from His face?  Would you forgive those who had sinned against you?  After all, the Lord’s Prayer says, Forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors, which means if you don’t forgive, you’re not forgiven.  And if you’re not forgiven, then what?  Right!  You have no salvation!  And if you have no salvation?  Then while it’s yet TODAY, BE SAVED!

Of course I know many of you have your walk with Jesus on track.  But not everyone who gets this letter can say that, for it is forwarded to many who are not on my mailing list.  It’s later than we think, friends.  Who is to say Jesus could not come today or tomorrow.  Is it worth the possibility of slipping into eternity without a Savior?  People are good at putting off till later what they should have attended to today.  Don’t you be one of them!

Like one crying “WOLF!”, there will be many who hear my warning to seek God while they still can, whose ears are dull of hearing from being told so many times.

It is my responsibility to warn you from the Lord not to delay seeking Him, but what you do with it is not my responsibility, but yours.  Most of you know me well, that I teach a lot on healing.  And healing is a gift from God, because Jesus bore your sicknesses and diseases for the reason that He doesn’t want YOU to have them.  But a healed body with a lost soul inside is a terrible waste, wouldn’t you say?  Rather, Jesus would have you enjoy the whole package; salvation, healing, deliverance, peace, joy, blessing, prosperity, and everything else He paid for on the cross for you.

Too many times we focus on the here and now, and of course, that’s exactly what the devil would want you to do.  It’s easy to think about a family, buying a home, cars, raising kids, deciding on a career, and all that other stuff.  There are decisions in life we all have to make, and God knows that.  When thinking about the “hereafter”, most would say, “I’m here after everything I can get.”  But there’s another “hereafter”, and it lasts forever and ever.  Maybe longer.  Have you thought about it today?  Only you determine where you will spend that “hereafter”.  God, in His infinite compassion, made the way for you to spend it with Him, and only a fool would pass it up.

Have you given any thought TODAY about what you’d do if you knew Jesus was coming tomorrow? 

 Do you realize we have no guarantee we will be here tomorrow?  One of my dear friends had a heart attack a few days ago, and I’ve been at the hospital with him each day.  He was real close to “checkout”.  He loves the Lord, and knew the Lord has work for him to do, and you can bet NOW he has a whole new urgency about getting to it.  He could have slipped out into eternity with his assignment unfinished.  But the Lord had mercy on him, and he had a bypass surgery and is recovering.  But what if?  We never like to think of the “what ifs” do we?  My friend is saved.   And how thankful I am for that.

 The Lord told me something interesting a few years ago;  “Don’t confuse the gift of God with His rewards.  Salvation is God’s gift to you.  It’s free, and you can’t earn it.  Your home in His Kingdom is free to you.  But if you want any furniture in it, you’ll have to earn it.”  That struck home with me, because I used to fix furniture as a part time business.  It made me realize, you can be saved, and still “go home to an empty house.”  But why would you want to do that?  After God so graciously saved us, shouldn’t we desire to love Him and serve Him with a thankful heart? Shouldn’t we want to be about His work instead of our own?  When we’re leading the lost to Jesus, we’re putting treasures in our heavenly home.  When we’re serving the Lord with a glad heart, we’re making deposits in our heavenly account.  Why not fill it to abundance?

Would you believe that there are Christians who are saved, who have NEVER won a soul to Jesus in their life? 

What a pity!  For there is no greater joy in this life, than bringing a lost soul to Jesus.  You think buying a brand new car, or moving into a new home is a thrill?  That’s NOTHING compared to the joy of bringing someone to Jesus to be saved!

I realize, some are getting a “late start” in making deposits into their heavenly account, in that some are very recently saved, having not long served the Lord.  It’s later than we think, but it’s not too late yet.  Consider this late hour, my friend.  It’s later than you think, and the coming of the Lord Jesus is closer today than it was yesterday.  You may think, “He delays His coming”, and stop watching for Him.  And the time will come upon you like a thief in the night.  Please, don’t let that happen to you. 

Watch. Again I say unto you, WATCH!!