How many times have you heard the expression “it’s all good”?  What does that mean to you?  Wouldn’t you take it that if it’s all good, then nothing would be bad?  If you bought a product and it said on the label “it’s all good”, then when you opened it and found it half rotten, wouldn’t you suspect a bit of false advertising there?  Sure you would, and so would I.
Having established that, let’s move on to bigger and better things.  The Holy Bible tells us two very important things: that God is good, and the devil is bad.  If you consider every situation in your life, the source can be traced to either God or the devil, period.  And that’s cutting to the chase and eliminating all the confusion, if I say so myself.
We will say you’re sick and broke and nothing is going right for you. Ok, looking to the unchangeable knowledge that God is good and the devil is bad, which one is being represented here?  Of course, you have to consider YOUR choices as well, seeing that God gave you free will to choose what you want for your life.  Can God bless you against your will?  Can the devil destroy you if you’re obeying God? No, and no.  Let me explain.
The Bible tells us every seed reproduces after to its own kind.  That’s why when you plant tomatoes in your garden, after the plant brings forth its harvest it won’t be carrots.  You see, there’s a good reason for that.  Suppose you want a line of pine trees all along the front of your property, so you plant pine tree seedlings every so far apart, expecting WHAT?  pine trees to come forth, of course.  But after a few months you notice one of the plants started growing watermelons, another sprung up thistles, another is turning into some unknown bush, yet another is a maple tree?  What gives? It tells me you didn’t plant the right seeds.  Well, if not for the law that God decreed that every seed will bring forth after its own kind, we would be in big trouble.  Suppose some farmer planted wheat seed and it brought forth all different kinds of stuff EXCEPT wheat; corn, alfalfa, weeds, and trees. According to God’s Word, that can’t happen, no matter what you read in the newspaper or hear on the news.   He spent his money for wheat seed, carefully prepared his ground and sowed the seed according to directions, and the rains came forth and watered it.  He could reasonably expect a bountiful harvest of wheat, wouldn’t you say?  That’s the law of God, and it cannot be any other way.
Now, look at your life, what kind of seed have you been planting?  That will determine what you will harvest, period, there’s no way around it, not even in the movies.  Remember, God is the source of all good, and the devil is the source of all evil.  Stop right there, I know what you’re thinking, didn’t God create the devil? NO. He created Lucifer, who in the beginning was good, but CHOSE to become evil, thus becoming the source of evil.  But in the beginning it was not so, for God looked upon all His creation and said it was all very good.  Getting back to the seed planted, when the devil deceived Eve into eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, evil became the seed planted and it brought forth abundantly in the lives of Adam and Eve and everyone else since.  All of creation was polluted by this impure seed, right down to the plants and animals.  Until then, the animals ate plants, not each other.  Apparently there were no undesirable plants like poison ivy or thistles previously to that time.  But once evil came into the world, God told Adam the land would bring forth thistles to him.  And once those plants were here, they reproduced after their own kind, and we still have them today, don’t we?  Wouldn’t it be nice if the bad plants just died out?  Wouldn’t it be nice if all evil just died out?  But it doesn’t, because it brings forth seed.
Our thoughts, our words, our deeds bring forth seed, and seed brings forth after its own kind, whether good or evil. Can it be any other way?  The Lord Jesus asked, Can a good tree bring forth corrupt fruit? Can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit? No, it cannot.  That means we cannot speak evil and expect good results.  We cannot murmur against God and expect good to happen.  One cannot blame God for sickness and evil.  It’s been said that if God wanted to, He could eliminate all evil in the world.  Yes, He could, and the Bible shows us He will in time, but in the meantime, we get to enjoy the fruits of our disobedience. Perhaps it will show us God had the right idea all along, but we just wouldn’t listen. Oh, but that would put some of the blame on US, wouldn’t it?  Duh!  There are some things we can’t blame on the devil after all, because we have been given a choice, and is it God’s fault if we choose the evil?
Getting back to the harvest of seed reproducing after its own kind: if you were a farmer and you were sick of harvesting corn year after year after year, the solution would be as obvious as the nose on your face: stop planting corn!  Plant something else!  Then you will harvest something else, simple as that.  Ecclesiastes 11:1 aids in our understanding: Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. That’s telling us what we sow is what we will reap, meaning this, if you keep sowing good, day after day, week after week, year after year, then every wave that comes in will bring good back to you.  Likewise, if you sow a day of good, then a day of evil, sooner or later that evil is also going to come back, and you’re not going to like it.  And what right do you have to gripe to God when YOU SOWED IT?
People often blame God when the bad stuff they sowed comes back to bite them. Why did God, who is good, make me sick?  Is He trying to teach me a lesson? Let’s get the record straight; God didn’t make you sick, for He is good, and He and the devil never switch roles, being good one day, and evil another.  No, with God it’s all good, and the devil is ALWAYS evil.
Imagine you as a parent, considering yourself a good parent, would you make one of your kids sick if he or she disobeyed you?  Or would you patiently tell them they are being punished because they chose to do wrong?  Or maybe you would just ignore them completely and let them raise themselves as some parents are doing today, doing what they please, going where they please, while you do your own thing?  A good parent is always good and wants what is best for their children, and it’s hurtful for a good parent to watch bad things happen to their kids.  But sometimes the kids deliberately CHOOSE to disobey mom and dad and then they suffer the consequences. And sometimes they even have the nerve to blame mom and dad for their rotten choice, as we see it in society often today.  Nevertheless, a child’s bad choice does not make the parent evil, yet it reflects upon the parent, doesn’t it?  So God gets a bad rap when one of His supposed children act up.  Like Father, like son?  Not always.
In the case of Christ Jesus, who said He and His Father are one, there was no mistaking the relationship or the likeness.  With Jesus, it was all good, all the time, every time.  The seed of God brought forth after His own kind, and the Seed He places in us must likewise bring forth after His kind, if we are truly His.  Read that last sentence over as many times as you need to in order for it to sink in. God’s seed in us will bring forth good in us, for us, around us, and we should be reproducing after God’s kind. His seed will not bring forth crabgrass, that’s free for you, and if it applies to you, take it.
God’s Word, when applied, AND I SAID “WHEN APPLIED” will bring forth what God sent it to do, for it cannot do anything else.  You can KNOW the Word and not be applying it, and that’s like having a sack full of seed in the barn and never planting it, it will NEVER bring you a harvest.  I know people who can quote me scripture, but aren’t living the life the Seed was created to bring forth, so I know it’s just sitting there wasting away in the bag not being planted.  And those are the ones who continually moan and groan that nothing is going right for them.  Of course it isn’t going right, how can it be? they aren’t following the directions on the seed bag.  You must PLANT the seed in fertile ground, you being the ground.  The seed knows what to do, that’s not the problem.  The Seed of the Word of God doesn’t need for you to show it what to do.  It only needs you to PLANT it.  If you plant a lot, you’ll reap a lot.  If you sow sparingly, you’ll reap sparingly, simple as that.
Some of you are like a person having a flashlight standing in a dark room, you’re afraid to turn the light on because it will use up the batteries, and you’re trying to save the batteries.  Stop saving the batteries, and get some use out of them, for if you don’t use them, they will go dead anyway from non-use.  God gives you His Word to use, why do you not use it and reap the benefits thereof?  The devil also gives you HIS words, and many are those who plant them in their lives, bringing forth sickness, poverty, strife, depression, sadness, and there is certainly no shortage of the planters of the devil’s seed.  And likewise there is no shortage of those who are reaping the results of the devil’s seed.  And if YOU happen to be one of them, and you’ve had a snoot full of his crops in your life, why not change the seed you’re sowing, RIGHT NOW, and likewise your harvest. With God, it’s all good!