After doing expensive repairs on our motor home, and now computer problems again, it’s obvious to us the devil doesn’t like what we’re doing. But I don’t care what the devil doesn’t like.  He’s not my boss anymore.  We parted company 14 years ago.   Do you know what keeps us going in times like this when the motor home breaks, the computer fails, and people quit giving?  We trust in the integrity of God’s word, just like we do all the rest of the time.  Two things never change: the devil is a bad devil, and God is a good God.  If things are going good, we trust the integrity of God.  If things are not going so good, we trust the integrity of God.  He says if we diligently hearken to obey His word, we will be blessed.  So we are blessed.

    If there’s one thing the devil works hardest on, it’s to work on our minds to get us to cast doubt on the integrity of God’s word.  That’s all of us, whether we are a minister or not.  He tried it on Jesus, too, but it didn’t work on Him.  However, we see it did work on Adam and Eve.  When the devil cast doubt on God’s integrity to Eve, she fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.  Guess what, you’re next.  Are you going to buy the lie?  If he can succeed in getting you to doubt God, he can even make you doubt your salvation, and most certainly, the healing that you may be believing God for, or the financial breakthrough, or for the fixed marriage, or whatever else it is that you need.

    Those thoughts from the devil tried to sneak in when the motor home broke down: “Maybe God isn’t going to come through for you this time.  Maybe He’s displeased with you. He doesn’t want you ministering for Him.”  Then the computer broke.  “And, maybe God’s done with your internet ministry, because your computer broke for the 4th time.  Maybe He’s trying to tell you He’s done with your ministry altogether.”

    I said, Forget it, devil!  If God wants me to quit, HE will tell me Himself.  God never changes His mind, nor is there any shadow of turning in Him.  He told us go preach the Gospel, so it certainly isn’t HIM breaking our motor home and computer.  God’s word is one of absolute integrity.  It is written, God cannot lie! 

    Now, I’d like to talk about man’s integrity.  This is taken from my daily devotional “Every Day With Jesus”  for the date of June 17


    There’s a lot to be said for the way people live today, and not all of it is good.  Driving to another city and back hoe, I am constantly grieved why people can’t seem to drive the speed limit.  When it was 55, people drove 65, and when it was 60, they went 70+.  Now it’s 70 in most places and people drive 80+.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t always obey the speed limit either.  And neither do many other people.  But in asking God for a word some time back, He gave me one- INTEGRITY.  That’s a word many people don’t want to talk about.   They’d rather talk about money, or their family, or their social life.  But today, let’s talk about integrity.

    I asked the Lord one time why people don’t honor Him, because He is so good to everyone.  He said, “How do you expect people to honor Me, whom the cannot see, when they can’t even obey a speed limit sign, which they can see?”

    I just love it when God answers a question with a question.  I find that when God asks me a question, He doesn’t always expect an answer, because He is telling me I don’t know the answer.  And as always, He’s right!  I don’t know.  My guess would be because we’re all sinners, we know only rebellion from our mother’s womb.

    For the life of me, I can’t think of any good reason why  people would not want to honor and obey God.  After all, who could possibly love you more?  And the Lord interrupted my thoughts to tell me, “My people lack integrity.  Personal honesty and accountability and responsibility are not the characteristics of today’s generation.  There are a few that still honor Me by their integrity, but they’re a vanishing race.  People today want to be number one, which means they have no code of ethics.  They do whatever is right in their own sight.  So the rules are written as they go to fit whatever they want to do at the time.  They say the end justifies the means.  So if they are in a hurry, they reason it’s ok to break the law.  After all, it’s their time and their vehicle, right?  Same goes for speaking the truth.  People lie to get ahead or get advantage over another.  Whatever it takes, they’ll do it.  They bend the rules to suit themselves.  It’s a dog-eat-dog world, right?  Do unto others before they do unto you, they say.  And what grieves me most,  these are My children doing these things.  No wonder people don’t come to me more often.  They see My children and think I am like them.  I don’t expect people who aren’t saved to walk uprightly, they can’t, because they don’t have My Spirit.  But after one comes to Me and asks for My Spirit, then they can and should walk in integrity.  But many won’t.  They could, but they won’t.  The old nature pulls and they give in to it.  Tell my people to wake up!  My standards are not those of the world.

    If my people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  Walk in uprightness and speak the truth.  For I will come upon you when you expect not, and you will give account.  When you vow, defer not to perform it.  What if I told you such and such in My word, and gave excuse not to fulfill it?  Would you trust Me?  No.  And yet, even though I keep My word always, people still don’t trust me because they don’t trust themselves.

    If you will be My children, you must be honest and trustworthy.  And don’t say, “We’re not perfect like You are”, so as to give excuse to not walk in integrity.  If you ask for My Spirit, I will give it to you!  Then, there is no longer excuse.  You are equipped to walk uprightly.  Still, I will not make you.  You must choose to.  You still have a choice in the matter.  That’s how I find out who My children really are.  I watch what they do when no one is looking, like late at night at home alone.  What are they watching on TV?  Or driving home and no one else is watching, are they driving over the speed limit?  There’s no one looking when they come to the stop sign out in the country.  Will they stop completely?  My children do, every time, because they choose to be like Me!  Not because they fear hell, but because they love Me and want to honor Me in every area of their life.  And they live uprightly behind closed doors even when no one is there to see them.  These are MY children.  Then whose are the others?  They say they’re Mine, they honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.  And sadly, if they won’t turn from their wickedness, I will have to say to them in the judgment, Depart from me, I never knew you.  

    I love all My creation, My heart goes out to them, but will they come to Me?  I reach out to them in compassion and love, but many run from Me because their hearts condemn them.  If they will turn from sin, I will freely forgive them, and put My Spirit within them, and they will no longer feel the need to run.  Many people think they have My Spirit, and still live in sin.  But if they still live in sin, they are only doing what will cause them to be lost.  They are only doing what is right in their own sight, and not doing what I say is right. 

    A tree can be identified by it’s fruit.  If the tree isn’t bearing fruit, it’s identity is questionable.  But when the fruit becomes visible, there is no more question.  Let’s see, is this an apple tree, or a peach tree?  Hmmm!  There’s an apple.  That is an apple tree!   My children are likewise identifiable by the fruit their lives bring forth.  If My seed is in them, then they will bear Me fruit, GOOD fruit.  And if the fruit they bear is not Mine, then they are none of Mine.  Tell My children to not allow the devil to deceive them any longer.  Sin is sin.  Sin not repented of results in death.  But a sinner need not die.  I have provided the payment for sin.  Jesus paid the price.  1 John 1:9 says, If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

    So, then, why walk any longer in sin when the way out is so clearly marked and easily done?  Then, and only then can you truly walk in the integrity of your heavenly Father.  Then, sin will grieve you, like it does Me.  No more will you sin and like it.  Then you will look at others speeding down the highway and grieve for them, because they have not My Spirit.  But you will have it, and it shall give you great joy in your heart, because I am in you, and you are in Me. 

    I’m not standing here with a whip in My hand.  I’m coming to you with a robe.  The best robe, and a ring, and shoes for your feet to make your journey a bit easier.  And eyesalve so you may see Me more clearly.  And a hug and a smile.  Come, My child, walk with Me.  Let’s talk about your future.  I have great plans for you.  Let’s work on your integrity.  I want people to respect and honor you.  After all, you’re a child of the King of Kings.  I want people to look at you and see Me!   And if you slip up from time to time, just ask, I’ll forgive you.  I’m real quick to forgive.  I’ll teach you to be able to be that way, too.  As you learn of Me, you will find I’m really easy to get along with.  I only want that which will bless you.  Not just now, but for all eternity!”