In the ninth chapter of Acts, we have the account of Peter raising Dorcas to life again.  Now, giving a little background here, this is the same Peter that denied even knowing Jesus, before he was filled with the Holy Ghost and power on the day of Pentecost.  This was the same peter, that after Jesus was crucified, said he was going fishing, and went back to his old occupation.  But the day of Pentecost changed all that, didn’t it?  It’s amazing what transformation takes place in a life when the Holy Spirit comes in.  Peter went from being pitiful, to POWERFUL!   Getting back to the story about Dorcus, after she died, her friends washed her and laid her in an upper chamber.  The disciples heard Peter was in a nearby town, and they sent two men to him, desiring that he come without delay, and he did.  When Peter got there, he found all with widows weeping for Dorcus in the upper chamber, showing him coats and garments she had made while she was yet with them.  But Peter put them all out, and kneeled down and prayed, and turning to the body, said, Tabitha, arise.  And she opened her eyes, and when she saw Peter, sat up.  And Peter gave her his hand and lifted her up and when he had called the saints and widows, presented her ALIVE!  And it was known throughout all Joppa, and many believed in the Lord.
     Now don’t you know, there was one big celebration there! And don’t you know Peter must have been rejoicing in what the Lord had done for them as well.  Now, Peter had the same Holy Ghost in operation in his life that they talk about today.  Yet, we don’t hear about people being raised from the dead on the six o’clock news today, do we?  Why? Is God doing something less in this day and age than He used to?  You’ll notice, because God raised Dorcas from the dead, “many believed in the Lord.”  Isn’t that supposed to be the thrust of evangelism today, that “many believe in the Lord”???? If so, then why are we settling for a watered-down version of the Holy Ghost in our lives and Churches?  HAS THE HOLY GHOST LOST HIS POWER???     
 Jesus, can people look at us and know we walk with Him?  Do people call you when someone is sick and dying, or has already died and they need them raised? 

When people who are disciples know you are in the area, are they sending people to you asking you to come without delay?   NO??  WELL THEN, WHY NOT??  Are you full of the Holy Ghost and power?  If you are, then why aren’t you using it?  And if you’re not, then why not??  These are questions we really need to answer honestly. 

     Jesus, for the joy set before Him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and He sinned not.  He was tempted as much or more than we, yet He was without sin.  He kept His life pure and holy.  And we must do the same, if we are going to see people healed by us just being in the area. Not us healing, you understand, but God healing through us.  It’s a stiff price to pay.  But the alternative is a much stiffer price to pay later.  There’s an old saying, “Pay me now, or pay me later”.  I’d rather tell my flesh to “shut up” now and turn from sin, and suffer not doing what I want to for now, than lose out  on spending eternity with Jesus. 

 It’s not hell that I fear.  It’s never having God’s presence for ever, or hearing His voice, or feeling Him so near you just know He is there.  That scares me!  When you want God more than you want anything else, it’s then the anointing flows to meet the needs of others.
  The unbelievers will want what you have in Jesus.  There will be healings and miracles and people getting filled with the Holy Ghost, if you will be humble and clean and a teachable vessel for God.  The gifts are given to us for the purpose of evangelism.  We must use them for God’s glory.
     Our whole purpose for being here is that when people talk to us, or see us, or hear about us, that “many believe in the Lord.”  It was good enough for Peter, and it’s good enough for me.