Isaiah 55:9 says,   For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.   We are in no way God’s equal or peer by any stretch of the imagination.  But perhaps we can go so far as to say we can be in “harmony with God”.  Let me define that statement.  Without a doubt, we operate on a different level than God, and inferior to His ways.  In case you think you are operating on God’s level, then I’d have to ask if you are willing to die in the place of a convicted serial killer, so that he might live and go free.  No?  then welcome to the club, because I clearly see some difference in God’s ways and ours, His being much better.
   Being in harmony with God is not such a bad thing.  If you know anything about music, you know harmony is a good thing, because music without harmony is missing something.  You cannot have harmony in music if there is only one note at the same time, you need two or more simultaneous notes.  And you still don’t have harmony if the notes are not properly spaced.  If you have a piano or other instrument handy, try playing a D and a D flat at the same time.  Not very pretty sounding, is it?  But if you play a D and an F sharp together, it’s pleasing, because the interval is correct.
   I can assure you, God’s ways are such that we cannot “play the same note” with Him.   But yet the Lord invites us to join Him and supply “our” note.  Often, our “note” is out of whack with His, so the first thing that happens is we want God to change “His” note so it blends nicely with ours….hello??   This is why we have a problem when God says “Thou shalt not…..”, and the church has to vote on it, we’re not in tune with Him, nor in harmony.
   God realizes we as humans cannot be on His level, nor produce “His note”.  But He is not requiring us to be His equal, He merely wants us to be in harmony with Him.  Indeed, that’s all we can be, considering He is ALMIGHTY GOD, and we are humans. 
   But together God and we can make beautiful music, as long as we let God set the melody line, and we come in line and add the harmony.  When we start wanting to rewrite the song, we mess up, for only God knows the end from the beginning, and He knows how the song should go.  After all, He wrote it.  We want to “improvise” our way through, changing the line here a little, there a little, to fit our sour notes we throw in from time to time, and call it “music”.  The more sour notes we make, the farther the song drifts from what it was created to be.  Given enough bad notes, sooner or later the song becomes unrecognizable, and that’s a picture of how many of God’s children are living today. 
   God has a high purpose and calling for each of us.  Depending on how much we want to “improvise”, will be the degree to which we enjoy God’s blessings in life.  I guess we have to ask the question, can people look at us and see we are at harmony with God?  Or do they see we are doing our own little song while God patiently sits by and listens to our solo, hoping for His applause after we have hopelessly butchered His song?
   Most all of God’s promises are provisional, often preceded with the word “IF”. That means “IF” we want to enjoy those blessings, we must make whatever adjustments are necessary on our part to meet those conditions.  That’s how we live in harmony with God.  He speaks, and we come in agreement with our words, and most importantly, with our actions.
   God intently wants our lives to be a life filled with blessing, goodness, health, contentment, peace and prosperity, with prosperity meaning to have what you need, when you need it.  But that can only happen as we carefully listen to Him and adjust our tune accordingly to be in constant harmony with His leading.  While an occasional sour note is not beyond God’s grace or expectation for us, the willful playing out of key is.  This is God’s grace: when the final tune is mixed down in the studio of heaven, and we’ve hit a sour one, God merely turns down our volume at that particular moment, and turns His up to cover our error.  Rather than amplify our mistakes for all to hear, God very lovingly covers them with the blood of Jesus, so when the listener hears the song, all they hear is beautiful music, pleasing and soothing to the ear.
   You might think God is looking for your sour notes to play full blast for all to hear in the hopes that it will make Him look all the better.  Not so.  He really wants YOU to sound good, too.  And that’s why He invited you to have a part in His song.  You can’t make Him sound better, because He is already perfect.  But boy, He can sure make YOU sound better!
   God is going to keep on playing His perfect tune throughout all eternity, and all who hear will be amazed at its beauty.  He’d like to invite you today to join in harmony with Him, and the more parts harmony, the better.  And you are just the part He’s looking for!