When you get your mail, and you have an envelope addressed to you personally, and another one addressed to “Occupant”, which one will you pay more attention to?  Obviously, the one addressed to “Occupant” will likely go into the trash can. Why? Because whoever sent the letter didn’t even go to the trouble to find out who you are, and they don’t care who you are either, for that matter, and whatever they are selling is for THEIR benefit, and not YOURS.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t even waste the time opening them, they go straight to the trash can.

But the ones bearing my name get opened, because the sender wants to communicate with me personally.  They know who I am, and they have something to say that I need to pay attention to. Well, the same thing goes for the Word of God.  Believe it or not, God knows EXACTLY who you are, where you are, even to the number of hairs on your head, and He had the Bible written for YOU, and not some nameless “Occupant”.  I am sure most of you have written your name in your Bible.  And rightly so, for the Bible is God’s love letter written expressly for and to YOU personally.  When you open your Bible to read it, it is good from time to time to actually look and see your name written therein to remind you that it is YOUR Bible, and everything written in it applies to YOU.  Now, I realize the promises are written to “WHOSOEVER WILL”, which includes anyone who will believe and act upon them, but for right now we’re not concerned with everyone else in the world, only YOU, for you are the one who needs it urgently.
Everything you need in life is covered in the Bible.  There’s not a situation or problem you can face that God has not already provided the solution for, IF, and I say, IF you will take the time to get in His Word and heed His directions for.  God is acutely aware of your presence, after all, He created you, and therefore knows everything you have need of, even before you do.  Some people think God put us here to fend for ourselves, but what kind of heavenly Father would create children and go off and abandon them?  Of course we know that happens many times in the natural, and sadly so many children are abandoned by their parents and we can readily see how hard life is for those children.

God looked upon all He had created and pronounced it “GOOD”.  There was not a single thing in all He made that was bad.  Everything worked perfectly and wonderfully.  When God created Adam and Eve, He placed them in a paradise, the Garden of Eden.  Everything was beautiful and perfect, everything they needed for a happy, healthy life was right there.  “Heaven on earth” is the best way to describe it, and the LORD visited them daily to talk with them.  He gave them instructions of “do this” and “don’t do that” as any good parent would do for their children, for He loves them.  It wasn’t until the devil showed up and talked Eve into doing what God said NOT to do, that paradise ended for them.

You see, Satan did not go to the Garden of Eden without a specific person to tempt.  He wasn’t interested in “Occupant”.  No, Satan’s junk mail was addressed specifically to EVE, it had her name all over it, and she opened it and paid attention to it and did exactly what it said, and boy did she live to regret that.  Had both Adam and Eve paid better attention to the instructions personally given to them by God, we wouldn’t be having the problems in the world we have today, for it would still be days of heaven on earth.

The point is, if the devil would have been pushing his agenda to “Occupant”, he might instead have gone to a tree, or some plant, or an animal, for they were all there in the Garden of Eden together.  But no, he went for the woman, the closest one to Adam.  He did not go to Adam because he knew Adam wouldn’t listen, so he went to the weaker vessel instead, but being Adam’s help-mate, Adam listened to her and entered into the same condemnation and troubles that Eve did.  Satan is very personal in his attacks.  They aren’t addressed to “Occupant”, they are aimed exactly at YOU!  And he knows everything about you, what you like and don’t like, where you live, what you do, and he knows EXACTLY how to address a trial and temptation to YOU that is specifically tailored for YOUR destruction. He knows exactly how to push YOUR button.  He doesn’t rely on junk mail addressed to “Occupant” that will be cast into the trash.  He has YOUR number, and believe me, he will use it.

And that’s exactly why you need your Holy Bible.  In it is God’s instructions, very SPECIFIC instructions how you can avoid every trap of the devil, right down to the tiniest detail.  You see, God LOVES YOU and doesn’t want your life to be destroyed in any way.  You might say that’s the reason there is a line inside the cover of your Bible where you can put your name, making it YOUR Bible.  Now, your Bible doesn’t come with your name printed in it, that’s YOUR job to make it yours.  I like to write notes in my Bible and highlight certain things in it that the LORD brings specifically to my attention to help me.  And if you’re not one to write in your Bible, hand it to me and I’ll write in it for you.  God has plenty to say to you to help you today, but are you interested?  Or will you just take the Bible as you would junk mail addressed to “Occupant” and toss it aside?

If you are in the midst of trials and storms in your life right now, God has the cure for the problem.  Notice I said “CURE”, it is not merely a bandaid to cover over the problem to take it out of sight.  It is written in Isaiah 55:11, So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. God’s Word applied diligently and consistently will take care of whatever you are facing, every time!  If you have a mountain to move, don’t go for the bulldozer, go for the Word of God, you know, the one sitting unused on your table that has YOUR name in it?  Like I said, it isn’t intended for “Occupant”, it is for YOU, so make use of it.  Don’t cry and whine and worry about your problems, and call everyone you know to cry about how bad it is, when the cure is right there by you.

Go for the CURE which never fails.  How do you figure out what applies to your particular problem?  There is an index in most every Bible.  If you need healing, go to the healing scriptures.  If you need help with your finances, there are instructions how to be a good steward.  If you are discouraged and your spirit is downtrodden, God’s Word will jack you up and fill you with joy unspeakable and full of glory.  It’s all right there in God’s Word and all you have to do is read it, believe it, and apply what it says.  There is something in there that applies EXACTLY to something you are facing or will face today.  It’s God’s love letter to you to make YOUR life days of heaven on earth. Your heavenly Father wants to be personally involved with you, so your life blessed and joyful. It is not addressed to “Occupant”, but to YOU!  Go open it and read the Good News right now!  You’ll be so glad you did!