People often ask me what kind of plan they need to follow in order to receive healing.  Actually, the plan I used to get well was quite simple.  Most people tell me if it was really that easy, everyone would get well, but the fact they don’t all get well shows me that they are ignoring the obvious truths of the Word of God, and trying to add something to it.  Let me point out something very important.  Jesus plus whatever wisdom we can come up with equals failure every time.  It isn’t “Jesus plus…”  or “the Word of God plus…(doctor, medicine, herbs, whatever). …”  It’s the Word of God or NOTHING.  God doesn’t need your doctor’s help, or your medicine’s help, or any of your bright ideas, either for that matter.

   God told us clearly in His Word the conditions for receiving our healing, and if we choose to ignore it, we can die before our time.  And we have nobody to blame but ourselves.  Yet so many will come up with “Well, I guess it wasn’t God’s will to heal so-and-so, because we prayed, and they died.”  Or, “We are believing God for healing, but it just isn’t happening”.  (read that “God didn’t keep His promise”)
 To that I say “BUNK!”  

 That makes about as much sense as someone drinking a glassful of gasoline, and then saying “I guess it was God’s will for them to die.”  Hey, God didn’t make them drink gasoline; they chose to do so of their own free will.  Is it God’s fault they didn’t use wisdom?  Then stop blaming God for someone not getting well, when they don’t do what He says to do!
 Jesus clearly demonstrated the will of the Father by healing all who came to Him.  He taught hour after hour the will of the Father, saying he did or said nothing that was not the will of His Father, and even said, I and my Father are one.  Then He sent His disciples out with the power and authority to heal the sick, and they did.  The only thing that ever stopped Jesus or the disciples was “unbelief”.  And it will stop you and me, too.  Don’t think for a minute you can heal someone who doubts.  Even Jesus himself cannot.  And don’t think for a minute you can be healed if you are in unbelief, because the scriptures plainly say you can’t.  And don’t try to blame unbelief on God.
 You can beg, plead, confess, command, whatever you want until you’re blue in the face, but with unbelief in your heart, you’re wasting your time.  I don’t care if you confess healing scriptures a thousand times a day, if you don’t believe what you’re confessing, you’ll get nothing.  The purpose of confessing healing scriptures is not to talk God into doing something for you, (He already did) but rather to talk yourself into believing what you’re confessing. Some people have to hear something thousands of times before they will finally believe it.   God already said “Yes” to your request for healing.  He’s trying to get it through our thick heads that He said “Yes”.  The problem is not on His end, it’s on ours.  God already provided healing and salvation for us, it’s up to us to actually believe God meant what He said and start acting on it.  Simple, huh?   Then why can’t people seem to get it?  Maybe they think it’s too good to be true.  In most cases, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  But with the Word of God, He said what He meant, and meant what He said, and if He said it, it’s true, just take it and run with it, and quit trying to figure out how it works or why.  Just believe and receive.  God made it so simple for us, and we spend all day trying to complicate it.  Why do we do that???

Now, on the other side of the coin, just repeating something thousands of times does not necessarily make it true.  You can repeat a lie thousands of times, but a lie is still a lie no matter how many times you tell it.  You can say you’re rich a thousand times a day, but still be so broke you can’t pay attention.  What I’m talking about is confessing the Word of God out loud until you believe it.  The Word of God is TRUTH.  And when the truth gets on the inside of you about healing, sickness has to go.  When the truth about forgiveness of sins gets into you, sin has to go.  But you have to get the truth IN you.  It doesn’t help to have a Bible on your table if you don’t pick it up and read it.  Although it is truth, it doesn’t benefit you unless it is applied.
But don’t expect God to do your work for you.  The “believe” part is up to YOU, and He isn’t going to believe for you.  If you want God’s Word to work for you, then get to work applying it to your situation.  Sometimes you see the manifestation pretty quickly, sometimes not.  Again, it depends on you believing.  Some have told me, I believe, and it still hasn’t happened.  To that I say, then keep believing and thanking God until you see it.  Sooner or later, you’ll see it.  Once you’ve seen your faith come to fruit, the next time it’s a lot easier.  Looking back, it really isn’t that hard.  We are our own worst enemy for ever doubting God’s Word in the first place.  Yes, God actually DOES want you well and blessed.  It’s the devil who doesn’t, and he’s bent on getting you to believe God is the one putting sickness and distress upon you, while he keeps himself well hidden from view. 
Just like in the Garden of Eden, the devil deceived Eve into doubting the Word of God, and he uses the same old slick lies today on us.  And if we doubt God, then I guess we deserve whatever we get.  God’s plan is for your good.  The devil’s plan is for your sorrow.  You choose by believing the Word of God, or doubting it.  But choose you will, and you will eat the fruit thereof.   Jesus said, Fear not; believe only.  Why is it we seem to have absolutely no trouble believing bad news from the doctor that strikes fear in our heart, yet we stumble at believing good news that comes from the Word of God?  It seems we’ve programmed ourselves not to believe God, even though He cannot lie.  So how can we implement God’s plan for healing?  It’s real simple:
 Believe what He says in His Word!