So often we hear the words, “God will take care of your needs”, that it seemed a good subject to explore.  It is written in Philippians 4:19, But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  Many would ask what actually constitutes a need, versus a want.  But that isn’t today’s focus.  Let’s take a look at “SUPPLY”. Webster’s dictionary defines supply as: to fill up: 1. To give, furnish, or provide (what is needed).  2. To meet the needs or requirements of  3. To make up for (a deficiency, etc) 4. To act as a substitute in (to supply another person’s pulpit), to serve as a substitute, 
    The Apostle Paul was addressing the brethren at Philippi, AFTER the brethren had given a gift unto him, assuring them that being they had first seen to his needs, God would see to theirs.  But even the fact the Philippian brethren had given, is not the focus.  Something far more intriguing is going on here.
    One day while praying, the Lord spoke this into my spirit.  If all your needs were already met, would you ever call upon God?  This was not something I expected to hear, and I don’t believe the Lord wanted a quick yes or no answer.  How many of you know that if God asks you a question, He already knows the answer?  This really got me to thinking.  I love the Lord and speak frequently to Him, so why would He ask me this?  Then I thought about many parents who have teenagers; whose kids rarely speak to them unless they need something.  And then the light came on! 
    God himself sees to it that we have needs.  Even a newborn baby has needs, and knows instinctively to cry out when hungry or wet or cold or thirsty.  Why cry out?  So someone will take care of those needs.  By God’s design, we have all kinds of needs, for the purpose that it will require us to cry out to Him.  Hmmmm, how handy…  It just so happens that God has everything we could ever possibly need, or want, for that matter. 
    But, just the fact that God is the owner of all creation and that He has all we need does not necessarily mean that He’s willing to part with any of it.  I know some rich people, but they certainly don’t share any of their riches with me.  And maybe that’s why some people are reluctant to ask God for anything.  They have seen how stingy people can be.  Is there a chance that God just might be a little more benevolent?
    Is God sitting in heaven, causing us to have various needs, just to toy with us like a cat would with a string?  No, of course not.  I do believe, however, that God gave us all these needs for a reason, though.  We need air to breathe.  If God didn’t love us, He would have created our atmosphere to be poisonous, then that would have been the end of our continual complaining.  We have need of food, water, shelter, clothing, new cars, video games, computers, televisions, cell phones, and the latest fashions. 
Well… maybe the latest fashions are not a need, just a want.  Ok, OK, new cars, video games, computers, televisions and cell phones MAYBE could be considered a want, just maybe….  The fact is, people nowadays really can’t tell the difference between wants and needs.  And that’s all the more reason we need God.
    Actually, He knows we need Him, but often WE don’t it.  We are so blinded by chasing the almighty dollar so we can buy every new gadget we want, that we fail to see the very thing we need most of all, and that is GOD.  The very reason God gave us all these needs in the first place is so He could give us what we need, when we need it, and in a way that is good for us.  We tend to want to supply our own needs, and that’s why so many people end up in debt.  Instead of saying, Lord, I need such-and-such, we run out with the credit card and just buy it.  Then the bills come in and it’s “Oh, God, how am I going to pay for that?”  Of course, had we simply asked God for it, we might have received it without debt.  God knows you need food and water, but how often have you asked Him to supply that?  He knows you need a place to live, have you asked Him to supply it?  We were created to seek God, why not take advantage of it?
    The point is, God not only has everything you need, He is willing to share it with you.  One of God’s Hebrew names is “El-Shaddai”, “the all-sufficient God”, not “El Cheapo”. Time after time, when I’ve had a need, I’ve prayed and asked God to meet that need, and do you know what?  He is gracious, and freely supplies it.  Not always the way I’d expect, but hey, if you ask, do you also have the right to say where it’s coming from?  If your family needs water and you can’t pay your water bill, wouldn’t you say that is a need?  Sure, and God created your body to need water, so knowing that, He also made provision to pay your water bill.  Does that mean every month the water company will send you a paid receipt, even if you don’t pay your bill?  No.  But if you can’t pay it and it’s a NEED, then God has a way.  That doesn’t mean He will make a way for your water bill to be paid if you wasted all your money gambling it away, or buying stupid stuff you don’t need.  That’s not what I’m talking about, let’s be real.  But if you have a NEED, then God has a way to supply that need. 
    God’s grace never fails to amaze me.  Sometimes I miss God’s perfect plan and end up in the ditch.  I try to be obedient and pleasing to God, but He knows I’m not perfect, and so, when I try to do right and fall short of the mark, He makes up the difference and sees to it that my every need is well taken care of.  However, many times I’ve had to ask the Lord to help me know the difference between a want and a need.  You see, too often we listen to the flesh instead of God, and allow ourselves to be deceived into thinking we need something when we really don’t.  Instead of being content knowing God will meet all our needs, we allow ourselves to become “want” conscious, then become frustrated when we don’t have everything we want. 
   God tells us to seek peace and pursue it.  It’s hard to have peace inside when you think you need everything you see.  Now, God is not against you having not only your needs met, but some things you WANT as well.  He’s not a long-faced, no fun-at-all God.  But ask Him to supply those things you need, and then help you be content with such things as you have that He supplies on top of that.  Just knowing there is no such thing as a need I could have that God won’t take care of, gives me great peace and joy.  When adversity comes, I’m still at peace, for there is no lack in Christ Jesus.  How about you? Will you let Him supply YOUR need?