Whenever we make something in our life a high priority, we will find a way to make time for it. Now, that can be any number of things. For some it may be finding a mate. For some, it’s making money. Others spend a lot of time attending sporting events. Some spend lots of time in front of the TV or computer. Everyone has something that is of utmost importance to them. In some parts of the world, finding something to eat today is it. For me, it is spending time alone with God, honoring Him, and then ministering His word to others.
I guess you could say your life is really what you give honor unto. And The Lord visited me today to tell me how He looks at that. I like that, God thinks enough of me to visit me. This is the illustration He gave me.

Who gets the most honor, a Vice President who becomes the President due to impeachment or death of the President, or he that is elected by the people to fill the office of President? The one elected, of course. He was their first choice. Sure, the “runner up” has honor, but he is not “first choice”. So his star doesn’t shine as bright. Just like when you go to a music concert to see a celebrity. The “front band” comes out first. But they aren’t who the ones who packed the house. Oh yes, the people listen and applaud, but the front band isn’t the main event. They’re ok, but kind of “ho-hum”. The star is the one who they came to see. That’s who the crowd is waiting for. And when the star comes out, the people just go nuts. They came to honor the star, and hope for an autograph later, or a picture with them.

Now let’s take that a step further. We know how to give honor unto a man or a woman. But how do we give honor unto God? Glad you asked! What are you giving first place in your life? That is to say, what is the most important thing in your daily routine? I would safely say, it is that which you make time for, no matter what else gets done. Is taking time to spend with God real high on your “TO DO” list? Is it even ON your list? Remember, whatever you are making time for is what you honor most. Let’s look at the list. Ok, you get up, get a shower, eat breakfast, and it’s off to work. Sorry, God didn’t make the list this morning. You know how it is.  Then a hard day at work, boss wants overtime today. Came home and slumped into the chair. Too tired to even think about God. Now it’s time to take the kids to the ball practice. Sit through practice, go to get a burger with the kids and go home. Time for a little Internet surfing before bedtime. Before you know it, it’s late. Tired puppy, time to go to bed. So much for another day. And of course, it’s the Lake again this weekend, we’ll go to church some other time. Yeah, right., God says, I’ve heard that one before.

Several years of this, and one day the bottom falls out of your bucket. You find yourself in a real bind. Maybe you lost your job, or are facing divorce. Maybe the kids are in trouble. Maybe YOU are in trouble. Whatever it is, it’s real clear you need God, but somehow you never seemed to find time to develop a relationship with him. How do you explain to God that now all of a sudden you need His help in a real bad way, but He was never important enough to you to want to spend time with Him before?

Do you know how to avoid that situation? Spend time with God now as a high priority, and put everything else on the “back burner”. Give God the highest place of honor in your life. First place, not second or third. Then you will find you won’t end up in those messes in the first place. But if the devil manages to sneak one in on you, all you have to do is call out to God.
It is written in Psalm 91:14-15, “Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known My name. He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him.”

Do you see that? Because you gave God first place over all the other things in your life, and gave Him honor, and set your love upon Him, He will honor you. He will give you first place, just like you gave Him. He will see to it that the destroyer will not have his way with you, because honor works two ways. You honor God, He honors you. You come see Him, He will come and see you. What celebrity offers you a deal like that?