We can look at current events around us and see time is getting shorter, yet we tend to live for the moment, being more interested in our daily lives than we are about God. Tell me, if you absolutely knew today was your last day on earth; would you be a little more serious about seeking God?  As you read, keep that question first and foremost in your mind.

    Lots of people came out to hear Jesus when He walked this earth some 2000 years ago.  Some came to hear Him because they had heard of the miracles of healings He did.  Some followed because they heard He fed thousands, and they were hungry for something to eat.  Some came out of curiosity just to see what He had to say, and had their lives affected by His words to the point they had a decision to make; either stay as they were, or become His follower.  One thing about being in the presence of the Lord Jesus, there was no middle ground with Him.  Either you loved Him or hated Him.  If you hated Him, you were offended at what He said, and left.  But if His words touched your heart, you had to follow Him, and there wasn’t really any other option. 
   We will say you consider yourself a follower of Jesus, so let’s just follow Jesus around and see what He is doing today, so we will have an idea of what a “follower” is supposed to do, ok?.  He was a “people magnet”, and had this way of drawing people, because there was just something about Him that was different.  He cared about them and didn’t talk down to them.  When I listen to some “followers of Jesus” I hear them talking badly about others, pointing out their faults and gossiping about them, and it’s no wonder multitudes don’t follow them around.  Would you want to be around someone who is always talking about others, wondering when you stepped away if they would be talking about YOU?
His integrity was above reproach, can that be said of yours?  I realize today’s world is different than the one Jesus lived in 2000 years ago.  For example, there were no speed limits then because the fastest thing around was a horse or a donkey, but today cars are so fast, we need speed limits to keep people somewhat safe on the highways.  Yet those who say they are following Jesus have little regard for the speed limit, and if you follow them down the road, you really can’t see any difference in their driving habits, and those of unbelievers.  This should not be so.  Before Jesus became my Lord, I used to like to drive fast and only obeyed the speed limit if I was in danger of getting a ticket.  Actually, I still want to drive fast, only I can’t, because as a follower of Jesus, I’m obligated to obey the laws of the land, otherwise, I’m not walking in integrity.  And if I’m not, then I’m bringing disgrace upon the name of my Lord.  If someone is watching me, I want them to see Jesus in me, and give the heavenly Father glory.  I want to draw people to God, not run them off.
   Jesus had time for those who were a mess.  I used to be a real mess, and Jesus took time out to reach down in the pit and pull me out of the slime.  Are there people whom God has put in your life that are a mess, yet you don’t feel “led” to get involved to help them?  There are people out there who really would follow Jesus if He was walking the earth today, but He isn’t, so they are looking to His followers to be like Him.  Are we?  Or are we too busy with our own little world to represent Jesus?  Just the other day my wife asked me, Why do we get all these hard people to minister to?  I guess it’s because we care, and they’re drawn to us.
   Surely Jesus would have enjoyed a day off fishing once in a while, but He always put the needs of the people before His own desires.  Can you imagine going fishing with Jesus?  He knew all the good fishing spots.  All the fish would have been waiting in line to get on his hook.  One day Jesus sent Peter fishing, and at His command, one fish even brought Peter a coin of gold in his mouth so Peter could pay taxes.  It’s a pretty good day when you can catch your tax money while fishing.  Jesus knew Peter loved to fish and that he likely needed a break, that’s why He didn’t send Matthew or one of the others.  Evenings would find Jesus in the garden or on the mountain praying, sometimes all night. He was always drawing close to His Father in heaven so He would have something to give to the people.  Are we spending enough time in prayer to get our Spirit filled up so we can pour ourselves out for others?
   People flocked to Jesus to be healed of their sicknesses and diseases, and all who came to Him were made whole.  Jesus never made people jump through hoops to be healed, asking them if they had repented of their sins, or paid their tithes, or forgiven others of their sins.   Because of His great love and compassion, He was not able to walk away from one suffering, but rather healed them.  Do we turn a blind eye at someone suffering, when it’s in our power to pray and help?  Yesterday I heard a most awesome word from the Holy Spirit while I was at a nursing home praying for a man.  I was beseeching the mercy of the Lord for him when the Holy Spirit said to me, “When you love them like I do, you’ll heal them all.”  Oh, how I long for those days when everyone I pray for will be healed!
   I can’t begin to tell you how that affected me.  Looking deep into my heart, the Lord knows I have much compassion for the sick, that’s why He gave me a ministry in healing.  But is my love as deep for others as His is?  No way, I’m lacking, way lacking.  Do I love a paralytic who has been sentenced to life in a bed without chance of parole so much as to take his place so he can go free?  Sadly, no.  My heart hurts for him, but not enough to take his place.  That’s what makes Jesus so much different than me and most other “followers of Jesus”.  It shows me I haven’t “arrived” yet, and my love is yet lacking, but I’m a work in progress, like you are.  We feel sorry for them, but Jesus cared enough to take all our sins and sicknesses upon Himself, so we could be set free. 
   Jesus did the hard part, and all He is asking us to do is love others like He loves us.  That’s what makes prayer work, by the way.  Jesus knows no matter how much we love someone, if they’re sick, we can’t take their disease from them and bear it for them.  No, that was His job alone, and no one else can do it.  But He gave us something better!  He gave us His name to use, the name above every name, the name above every sickness, every disease, every fiery dart of the devil.  Jesus commanded His followers in Matthew 10:8, “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devil: freely ye have received, freely give.”
   You see, if we are truly serious about God, we will be doing the works of our Lord Jesus.  We can’t do those kinds of things on our own, but only by the power of God.  When people back in the days after Jesus ascended into heaven had a need, they looked to the disciples who were following Jesus to be able to deliver the goods like Jesus did.  And they did!  Do you think the Word of God has lost its power today?  No way!  We just have to get serious about God the way the early disciples did. 
   Because of what the Lord told me yesterday, I have more hope than ever before of His power working in my life, because He didn’t scold me or tell me I was lacking in love.  Rather, He set a goal before my eyes of what His love can do in my life, and for the lives of others. 

    It’s time we all got serious about God!  I’ll do my part.  Will you do yours?