When is enough, enough? Each day our religious freedom is steadily being encroached upon. Imagine that, in a country founded by our forefathers who built this country on the love of God. How absurd it is to allow people who want to exclude God from the United States to be allowed to do so. If they don’t want to worship God, then that’s their choice. God allows us that choice. But if they don’t want God, what gives them the right to impose their opinions on those of us who do? Do we not have equal rights? Apparently not….

 Our founding fathers implicitly made God part of the Constitution of the United States. And the people agreed. First of all, what right does anyone have to rewrite or amend the Constitution anyway? The freedoms and blessings we enjoy today are because those laws of the land were put into action in the first place.

God was outlawed in Russia, look what happened to them. Are we so stupid we can’t see we are heading down the same path? How is it the Christians in the United States are allowing every abominable act that God says He hates to run rampant, and we just lie still and let them legislate that it is lawful and acceptable? I remember, for example, when sodomy was punishable by prison time. Oh, but now, it’s “alternative lifestyle”, and now they’ve got laws enacted to teach it in our schools to our children! How abominable!

The laws against murder apparently don’t include killing babies, because it’s now “choice”. Get real! Murder is murder! If I were a criminal lawyer, I could get every murderer out of prison on this ground alone. They simply made a choice, just like mothers who abort their children made a choice. We as Christians are faced with a choice today, whether we want it or not.
How far is our land going to backslide from God before we ALL face the wrath of God? All Christians, listen up, you will face the wrath of God with them if you don’t stand up and be counted! Either you stand for God, or you stand for the devil, Jesus said in Matthew 10:33,”But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.”
Better we think about that one, and right now. You can see what has already come down the pike in the last couple years. Today it’s the Pledge of
 Allegiance that the unbelievers are taking “One nation under God” out of America. Tomorrow, you will not be allowed to invite anyone to Church, or you will be violating their rights. You will not be allowed to pray to God. God will be”unconstitutional”. Speaking God’s word in public will soon land you in jail. And you’d better not hand anyone a tract or Bible! You think I’m kidding? Just wait a month or two. It’s coming.

Either you’d better get ready to deny man, or deny God. There is no middle ground. The line is drawn, the battle is set to be played out. And Christians will either overcome, or be overcome. The future of America looks pretty hopeless right now, with the devil getting a bigger foothold every hour. Why has America come to this? Because we Christians have been asleep at the wheel. Christians made this great country what it was, and Christians will have to make it great again, by driving out the evil. Everything that does not line up with God’s word must be rooted out, or America is doomed. And that goes for every other country as well.  God isn’t just God in America, you know!
Is there not a man or woman of God out there with enough backbone to stand up and be counted and to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!” ? I and my house will stand up and be counted, we will serve the LORD! BUT HOW ABOUT YOU? Call your Congressman TODAY and say you’ve had enough of this stupidity! Believe it or not, they still work for us. At least, we are paying their salaries. Call your newspaper, Call your TV stations. Tell your neighbors, while you still can. Get your head out of the sand and make a stand for Christ Jesus! He will give you the strength and grace if you’ll ask for it. If you put THIS warning off, one day very soon someone will be standing at your doorstep with a warrant for your arrest for being a Christian.

Of course, if you put this warning off, you will probably also tell them you aren’t a Christian and they’ll leave. But as for me, I hope there’s enough evidence that I am a Christian, a man of God. You can make a difference! Together we can get this nation back on the right track, and it can once again become “One nation under God”. Tell someone about Jesus today. Yes, TODAY! God didn’t make this mess, we did. And we need to clean it up. Right now!
As for the troubles to come, let the unbelievers call upon their gods of silver, gold, stone and wood. Let them be their deliverers.
You who outlaw God from America, don’t bother calling on Him for help in your trouble, He is nowhere to be found for you, as He is not a lawbreaker and intruder where He is not wanted.