I love the Word of God. By it we are given knowledge of the will of God, and why Jesus came to the earth in the first place. With all the different teachings coming at us each day, we may lose sight of the real purpose Jesus came. There are fine teachings about healing, prosperity, blessings and many other subjects the Bible talks about out there. But there’s one that is especially near and dear to the Lord’s heart; and that is seeking and saving the lost.
When was the last time you introduced a lost soul to the Lord Jesus Christ and prayed the prayer of salvation with them?

I’m not trying to put a guilt trip on you, I’m trying to focus your attention on something really important to God. Not lately, you say? Hmmmm, is it possible you have lost sight of your reason for being a disciple of Jesus? As many different denominations of churches out there as there are, you will find as many different versions of the Gospel. Some focus on healing. That’s important. Some focus on prophesy. That’s important. Some focus on the Baptism and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. That’s important, too. But what’s most important to God? Seeking and saving the lost! Period. Without a doubt, that was God’s number one focus in sending Jesus to this earth.
What good is a healed, healthy body that’s going to hell? What good is it to be able to prophesy at the drop of a hat if you will be told by Jesus “Depart from me”? What good is having the Baptism of the Holy Ghost if we’re not going to use it to fulfill God’s purpose? What good is prosperity if it isn’t used up preaching the Gospel and winning the lost?
If we fail to win disciples to Jesus, we are only kidding ourselves, we are not profitable servants. We can whoop and holler at church, dance in the aisles, dance on the walls, prophesy until we are blue in the face, speak in tongues, and it will be for nothing if we aren’t soul-winners for the Lord.
Jesus said in Matthew 5:16,
Mat 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
So many people who are Christians are saving their batteries for “another time”, and when they have an opportunity to share the Lord Jesus right then and there. Maybe they’re afraid if they “let their light shine” too much they will wear their batteries out? Hey! That’s what the batteries are for! The devil doesn’t care if you are a Christian. What he wants you to do is keep your mouth shut about Jesus, and keep your light turned off to save your batteries. What light comes from a flashlight that is never turned on?  Listen, friend, if you wear your batteries out, God will give you new ones. Remember the old saying, Use it or lose it? Even new batteries that are left unused in a flashlight long enough will go dead. Some even corrode and ruin the flashlight. Then you not only have dead batteries, but a ruined flashlight as well. That’s a double tragedy.
God gave you “light” for you to light up the darkness with. That light is powered by the “batteries” of the Holy Spirit within you. That light isn’t just for you, it’s for those in darkness. If those around you don’t know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, there’s your chance to shed light on their lives. Don’t hog the batteries and save them. Use them up! Don’t let those around you walk in the darkness. You have the flashlight that can lead them safely out of the dark.
And don’t waste your batteries in a room full of light. You wouldn’t use a flashlight in a well lit room, would you? Why not? Because it’s already light there. Don’t spend your time witnessing Jesus to your saved friends at church. They already have light of their own. Instead, go to the lost, the unsaved, who are walking in darkness, and shine your light there. Yes, it’s easier to let your light shine at church. Then if your flashlight is a little dim, no one will notice because of all the other light around you. But the challenge is, going into the darkness.
How bright is your light just now? Not too bright? Not to worry. ANY light brings light to the darkness. Try this. Go into a dark room at night. The darker the better. Now, light a candle. Wow! Suddenly there is light and you can see. And that’s just from one tiny little candle. How could just one little light so brighten a room? You see, it doesn’t take a thousand watt bulb to bring light. You don’t have to wait until you have been through Seminary to share the Gospel. You can bring someone to Jesus even if you only know John 3:16. You don’t even have to memorize it. Just read it to them. You don’t have to know the whole Bible. You just have to let your light shine.

If you’ve been waiting to share Jesus with people until you have a stronger light, stop waiting! As you walk with Jesus and live His word, your light will get brighter still. But in the meantime…..DON’T SAVE THE BATTERIES!