When I woke up this morning, the first word that came up in my spirit was “conscription”. Well, that is defined as “compulsory enrollment of persons especially for military service”. And that got me to thinking, haven’t we ALL been conscripted by the devil to serve him all our lives? None are born free, we have ALL inherited the nature to sin from all the way back to Adam. Now, Adam was not born in bondage, he and Eve alone were created “free”, but due to the choice Eve made, and then Adam, we all were “conscripted” to serve involuntarily to sin and its lusts.

Consider all the “benefits” of conscription to serving the devil. Maybe you never sat down and actually thought about this, but I have, and I don’t like what I was “issued” at my conscription. First off, we think of “conscription” as referring primarily to military service. Ask anyone who’s been in any branch of service, and they’ll tell you it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Those like me, who enlisted, found out the first rule of the military: NEVER VOLUNTEER. And those who were drafted, weren’t happy to be there, either. Why? Because it removes your ability to do as you please; you belong to another, and you will do your master’s bidding, like it or not.

The most accurate description of Satan and his kingdom is given in John 10:10 by the Lord Jesus: “The thief cometh not but for to kill, and to steal, and to destroy; but I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” I guarantee you, if you’re serving in the devil’s service, you aren’t having a good time. Not only does he eventualy kill, steal, and destroy all you hold dear, once he’s done with you, he makes sure your name is NOT written in the Book of Life, and therefore you’re off to the burning trash heap, after he has wasted your whole life with his nonsense. He destroys marriages, family, your finances, your health, and everything else, because after all, he OWNS you. It may not happen all at once. Usually it’s just a gradual and continual barrage of problems in your life, a never-ending pain in the hind quarters, as we call it.

Don’t feel like anyone special though, the devil does this to EVERYONE, because he’s an equal-opportunity destroyer, meaning, he’d as soon ruin your life as he would mine, or anyone else’s. And you stay in that fool’s army until you die, or until someone takes your place and sets you free. For most, it’s a lifelong career serving the devil. But it doesn’t HAVE to be: there’s a way to get out of your conscription, but sadly, few ever find it. They go through life oppressed, depressed, sick, broke, and they actually are so deceived, that they think GOD is doing this to them!

Today, I’d like to help you out. So, which way did you come in? Well, you came in just like everyone else does; you’re BORN into it, given an “inheritance” so to speak, from your forefathers, who were also born into it. Some spent their lives in bondage, but the question is, will YOU? If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, I’m talking to the right person. There is a way out of conscription to the devil and his crew. Some of you already have broken free, but maybe you know someone who hasn’t, and you can give this to them and help THEM get free.

Christ Jesus of Nazareth, Y’shua Messiah, has already paid for your release from the devil and his conscription, but in order to put it into effect, YOU must ask for it and receive it. No matter how much you may want it, until you actually pray and ASK Christ Jesus to set you free, you’re still stuck right where you were. Here’s the GOOD NEWS! None who have asked to be set free have ever been refused! The devil has no power to keep you bound, when you ask Christ Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. From that moment on, “conscription” no longer describes your life.

You can have your spirit man born again, you can use God’s Word to renew your mind, and when your spirit and mind are in line with the Word of God, your body will also respond. It may not be an overnight thing, but from the moment you become a new creature in Christ Jesus, as the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:17, Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

But don’t take MY word for it; experience it right now for yourself! Put off the old life of conscription that will take you where you don’t want to go. Experience life to the fullest, to the overflowing. Christ Jesus paid to set you free! Don’t wait another moment! Call upon Jesus and be FREE!