When I asked Christ Jesus to save me back in July of 1993, and He said He had also healed me, and called me into the ministry, I still had all the symptoms of cancer in my body. Immediately after church on the day I got saved, I went to a hospital where one from the congregation I attended was dying of a blood disease, who was not expected to live through the afternoon. I told him, I just asked Jesus to save me, and He said He had also healed me.  So I’ll pray for you, and God will heal you, too.  And He did, right then and there, and the man is healthy to this day.  Boy!  That was easy!  The Lord told me then He had given me a ministry to heal the sick, so I’ve been about that ever since.

 Back then, I hadn’t heard about healing ministries, and had no books, tapes, etc, to help me whatsoever.  In fact, I had already been healed for three years before the Lord ever introduced me to another minister who taught on healing.  I actually thought I was the only one whom the Lord was teaching about healing during that time, because the only thing I was reading was my Bible, day and night continually.  It amazed me there were so many sick people in the Body of Christ, and I wondered why that was.  So it was my goal to learn everything I could about healing.  I started with a “clean slate”, gaining firsthand knowledge from the Word of God by my own research and by revelation of the Holy Spirit to me, and not from anyone else’s teachings, spending countless hours studying God’s word, devouring it like a starving man would a meal.
People ask me what I did to get well, what did I confess?  Well, most of the time it was something like, “Lord, thank You for Psalm 103:2-3, which tells me my sins are forgiven, and that I am healed.”    Psalm 103:2-3 were the very first verses the Lord showed me upon my salvation.  From day one I knew that it is impossible for God to lie. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.  Therefore, when the devil came to me during times of great pain, trying to convince me to doubt God, I was already settled forever in my heart and mind, so he couldn’t take me there.  Healing belonged to me, period, simply because the Word of God said so, and no doctor’s report, or the confirmation of three prophets, or a sign from above was needed.

 I believed the Word of God over my symptoms, and the Word took root in me and produced the fruit of the Word.

 I spent lots of time thanking God for my healing, “Lord God, thank You for the Word of God that heals me continually.”   Much time was spent reading and meditating on healing scriptures, not to convince God to do something, but to convince ME it was done as He said.  Reading Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and studying the earthly ministry of Jesus convinced me it was indeed the Father’s will that we be healed and whole.   Oh, praise God!!
 I’d like to say everyone I pray for gets healed, but that isn’t the case.  Once, I prayed for a man with cancer, whom I grew to love a great deal, that had become like a brother to me, and he died.  I got real mad at God and told Him that if His Word didn’t work every time, I’d go back to my old job and forget the ministry.  He responded, “I told them, Be it unto you according to your faith”.  Well, that made me madder yet, and I threw my Bible across the kitchen, and bounced it off the wall, and yelled, “I believed, and You KNOW I believed!!!!”  He said, Yes, Jerry, you believed, but HE didn’t.
 Then and there I realized I was not the only factor in the equation when it comes to healing.   It would become necessary to spend a great deal of time teaching, like Jesus did, instead of just jumping in there and praying for people.  Getting people healed is not about me, anyway.  I’m not the Healer, Jesus is.  I’m merely a vessel He uses as He wills, where He wills, and when He wills, nothing more. 
 But I’ve seen thousands healed, so I know God is definitely still in the healing business today.  It’s like me eating a piece of cherry pie, and then someone trying to convince me there’s no such thing as cherry pie.  I’ll just look at them and smile…because I just had some.  Yet, there are those who insist that healing went out with the first disciples.  So I guess to them it has, and you can’t convince them otherwise. That’s too bad.
 Healing is just as available to them as it is to me, only they won’t believe, so they can’t access it.  It’s like a precious gift locked in a safe with the combination to open the safe clearly written on the front in plain sight.  Some people believe nobody would do that, so they try a hundred other unsuccessful ways to open the safe, and then get mad because they can’t open it…when all the time the easy way was right in front of their eyes and they chose to ignore it.
It is sad seeing people who have hoped for healing, having been to about a hundred healing services, and receiving nothing, that have finally decided God must not want to heal them.  But I see it all the time.  They’ve pretty much resigned themselves to enduring sickness, and maybe even to die from it, because the doctors have given them no hope.  Some go from doctor to doctor, going broke in the process,  hoping for a better opinion.  But I have good news.  You need look no further, the Great Physician has your cure, and if you don’t have insurance or medi-care, no problem!  Getting healed God’s way is the bargain of the century.  It isn’t just cheap, it’s FREE!  
 I sit people down and show them, not what I think, but what the scriptures clearly say about healing.  When they finally see the light and their faith rises up, THEN I pray for them, and not until.  That way, they don’t go home again the way they came.  Whether it takes an hour, or 2 weeks, it makes me no difference, I keep at it until the job is done, or until the Lord reveals to me they just won’t believe.  Sadly, not all will believe.  I sorrow at that, but I can’t believe for them, they must believe for themselves, just as I did for my own healing.  God freely offers us salvation and healing, but He won’t make us take it.  AND, He doesn’t need us to add anything to it, He did it all.
  However, it is written in Revelation 22:17; “And the Spirit and the Bride say, come, and let him that heareth say, come.  And let him that is athirst come.  And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.”

I came, heard, and went and told others, “Come, take the water of life freely.”   And I’m inviting you to do the same, right now.  Will you?