Here’s a question for you today:  Have you ever been around someone who is always right?  What do you think of them?  Be honest now, and examine your heart. Maybe you’re ok with it, maybe you’re a bit resentful, maybe you’re a LOT resentful.  Think about it for a moment.

Well, that was what the LORD asked me when He woke me up at about 3am one morning this week.  Being half asleep,  He caught me off guard, but my answer was, If they are always right, then when I ask a question, I will always get the right answer.

How many people do you know who THINK they are always right?  We can all say we know some.  And if we’re honest, we will probably admit most of the time we think we are always right.  I once heard a saying, “Those who think they are always right are bothersome to those of us who are.”  I myself used to say that at times in the distant past, trying to be funny.  But the truth is, I believed it.  Yet, I was NOT always right. You see,  I made a mistake once, I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken.  (You notice how many times I used “I” in that sentence? That tells you that back then I was looking to myself for wisdom, and not God.)

All joking aside, there IS one who is never wrong, and that is the LORD GOD.  I don’t care what you ask Him, He will ALWAYS have the right answer.  Now, it may not be what you or I want to hear, but it will always be right.  Many times the LORD will tell us what we should do, but He still leaves it up to us what to do.  And when we follow His guidance, we ALWAYS win, not sometimes, but always.  And therefore, when we DON’T follow His guidance, we lose.  Not always immediately, but in the long run we miss out on His blessings.  I’ve preached long and hard about “obedience” to the LORD, and for good reason:  He has our best interests at heart, and He wants us to win in every situation.

Now the LORD has given us a mind to think with, but without His Word in our heart, we are accessing a well of knowledge that is very limited from which to make our decisions, and therefore, we make many bad decisions.  How can we make better decisions?  Glad you asked!  Diligently study the Word of God, and it will impart wisdom to you.  Ask the LORD to give you ears to hear His voice 24/7, for we never know what lies ahead for us, but the LORD knows, and if you’re listening for His voice, you will always be a step ahead of your enemy the devil.  The devil talks to people all the time, and apparently they listen well, for you can see the results of that in the world today all around us.  So there is One who has all the right answers, and there is one who has all the wrong answers, and I guarantee you, you are listening to one of them.  The question is, which one?

The devil will agree with the desires of your flesh, and so that’s why so many people listen to him.  Do your thing, have it YOUR way!  If it feels good, do it!  You deserve it!  Do unto others, then split!  Does any of that sound familiar?  Sure it does, that’s the devil’s voice to each and every one of us.
The voice of the LORD is different, and it sounds strange to most people: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  “Pray for those who despitefully use you.”  “If your enemy hungers or thirsts, feed them and give them water.”  Yes, deep inside, you KNOW this is always right, but our flesh just doesn’t want to listen, does it?

Today, determine to not be resentful or rebellious when the LORD speaks to your spirit.  He is ALWAYS RIGHT, and for you that’s the very best thing in the world, for He will NEVER lead you down the wrong path or lie to you.  You’ll have to fight your flesh every step of the way, but in the end, you will receive blessings beyond your wildest imagination!  For the LORD is ALWAYS RIGHT!