Being fearless….yes, if there is anything I would pray for you, myself, and others, it’s being fearless. There’s lots of teaching about fear out there right now, and for good reason. That’s Satan’s most powerful weapon against us. And he doesn’t need a new one, because the old one is still working just fine. But I know how to break his weapon. It’s like in the cartoons when you see someone sticking a finger in the barrel when the bad guy gets ready to shoot at you, and the gun blows up in his face instead. It’s done by reading, and understanding, and speaking the promises of God over your life daily. People say, What you don’t know can’t hurt you. That’s wrong. What you don’t know can destroy you!
Many people lose their health, happiness, jobs, money, families, and lives over fearing something that the devil has told them is going to happen to them. The devil comes spouting his lies, trying to get us to lose faith in God, who in all eternity has never broken a promise. But yet, so many of us fall prey to the devil’s lies. Why? Because they play on our five senses, and he makes his lies seem so believable. And they cause us fear. Do you know what FEAR is? False Evidence Appearing Real.
Picture it like this; suppose you were walking through the jungle in Africa and you suddenly heard the loud roar of a lion right behind you. You freeze in your tracks, unable to move, in terror. Your heart stops, your blood runs cold. Looks real, smells real, tastes real, sounds real, feels real. But it isn’t. Suddenly a native jumps out of the bush with a boom-box and says, Ha, ha!! Fooled you! It was just a tape recording! Too late, your heart has stopped beating and you’re lying there dying of a heart attack as the lights go out. That’s how the devil works. The lion didn’t kill you, the lie did. Fear…false evidence appearing real.
It was once said, “All we have to fear is fear itself.” Kind of like a shadow. Have you ever been bitten by the shadow of a dog? Neither have I. If you were on the tenth floor of an office building and heard the roar of a lion, you
 probably wouldn’t even look up. Why? Because there are no lions in the office and you know it! There are times it’s easy to recognize a lie. It’s the times you can’t, that get you. But if you know God is for you, and not against you, then you won’t be deceived.
The 23rd Psalm says, Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil;
There’s a couple things I want you to notice here. We all have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death. But we don’t have to change our mailing address to Valley of the shadow of death. Just keep going. Move on. It gets better. The shadow can’t hurt you. Oh, it may look like it’s going to hurt you, but it can’t. The devil evidently didn’t read the rest of the verse, for it says, For Thou art with me! The Almighty God who created the whole universe is with you. And He’s on your side! It is written in Romans 8:31 “What shall we then say to these things? If GOD be for us, who can be against us?” And as I like to say it, If God be for us, who cares who’s against us??? When you know, when you really, really know God is for you, you’re fearless. If you don’t know that, settle it right now forever. God is for you, not against you!
Take that little nugget, hang it around your neck and never take it off. God is for you. And He will never allow anything to harm you. So, there’s nothing to fear after all. Oh, the devil may huff and puff and try to blow your house down, but that’s just a good time to get your kite out and go fly it, not to freeze in fear! I have seen some kids with this decal in their car window “NO FEAR!” They have the right idea, just no idea why they shouldn’t fear. So for their sake, I’ll say why. God loves us. He is for us.

For those of us who are from the Ozarks, we say it like this: Ain’t Skeered!!