Many Christians tell me of problems in their lives, where they have confessed, declared, prayed, and did everything they knew to do and still do not have victory over their adversary, the devil.  What I’m about to tell you is not new revelation, but it may be new to you, and that’s what’s important.  For the more you know, the more ability you have to overcome your enemy.
 People tell me, I don’t want to hear about the devil, I just want to hear about Jesus.  Well, it’s wonderful to hear about Jesus, but do you know what?  Jesus taught His disciples to know their enemy’s tactics, and that’s what I’m teaching you.  There is no way to defeat an enemy you cannot identify, and just denying there is an enemy is a sure way to hasten your defeat.  There is surely an enemy to us, and it’s the devil.  And, guess what? He uses people to do his dirty work.  First off, those people who have hurt you in the past, and maybe in the present, are not your enemy, the devil is.  Does that mean to love your enemy?  No, it means to love the person the enemy is using to hurt you.  Hate the sin, but don’t hate the sinner.
   You see, your enemy is what I would describe as a pig in a silk suit.  He talks to people, maybe even YOU, and tries to get you offended against other people.  Maybe they are members of your family, maybe members of another church, or members of another religion.  He’s slick, alright, he puts people up to saying or doing hurtful things to you, and all you see is the “silk suit” he presents, “Oh, you need to avoid so-and-so, all they do is hurt you, and be sure to warn others, too.”  But the silk suit is just a cover-up for the unclean creature that lives inside the suit.  So you start avoiding contact with that person, pretty soon you’re thinking bad about them, and you know what the Bible says, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”  Well, pretty soon, you’re talking ugly about the person(s) that hurt you.  What does that make you?  Well, truthfully, It makes you just like your enemy, who is a pig in a silk suit.  You can look good, go to church, talk all the Christian talk, wear a silk suit to church and still be unclean inside.  I call that “aiding and abetting the enemy”.  You can call it whatever you want, but truth is truth.
   Every tactic the devil uses is designed to do one thing; and that is to separate you from God, and separate you from your Christian brethren.  It is meant to make you doubt God’s integrity, His promises, and His Word.  The devil came to Eve pretending to be her friend, even telling her that God was holding out on her by denying them to eat of the tree of knowledge of good an evil.  Now, if that isn’t a pig in a silk suit, I don’t know what is.  Again, he’s slick.  Don’t think you’re so smart you can outfox him, because you’re not.  Neither am I.  BUT, you CAN know your enemy and what he’s up to.  Only with the baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT can we be equipped to overcome the devil, and that will happen ONLY IF WE OBEY GOD.  Don’t let anyone fool you, he’s smart, he’s powerful, and he’s out to destroy you, and he’s been doing this for thousands and thousands of years.  Again, don’t think your well of experience is as deep as his, or he will drown you in your own conceit. 
   There is one thing you need to know about your enemy: there is no truth in him.  That means, when for example, where God’s Word says you are healed by the stripes of Jesus, the devil will tell you NO YOU’RE NOT by putting lying symptoms on your body.  He will send you to the doctor to verify his threats, and your trust of the Word of God has just gone out the window.  Hello?  Anyone home out there?  Do yourself a huge favor, don’t argue with the devil.  He will talk you out of your own name if you let him.  Instead, knowing he is a pig in a silk suit, arm yourself with God’s Word and stand your ground.  If you’re going to say something, let only the Word of God come out of your mouth.  Anything else is just helping your enemy defeat you.  You already have enough problems, don’t use your most powerful weapon, namely your words, to shoot yourself with.  AND, don’t use them to wound your Christian brothers and sisters, either.  If you’re going hunting, save your ammo for the pig in a silk suit.  Know your enemy well, watch him carefully and don’t turn your back on him for a moment.  Most importantly, make sure you’re not working for the enemy.  Don’t allow yourself to compromise with the Word of God.  Be ever mindful that the LORD loves you and watches over you to keep you in all your ways, but your safety is under the wings of the Almighty.  If you stray from there, a pig in a silk suit will be waiting for you.