This is the time of Christmas, when people all over the world exchange gifts.  The greatest gift ever given the world’s people was given by God himself, His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus, that the world through Him might be saved, and not condemned.  Today I’d like to talk about Jesus’ coat.  This might seem an odd subject for a Christmas message, but it’s what the Lord gave me.  We read the following in John 19:23: Then the soldiers, when they had crucified Jesus, took his garments, and made four parts, to every soldier a part; and also his coat: now the coat was without seam, woven from the top throughout.
   I find it interesting that Jesus’ coat was without seam.  In other words, it was not patched together out of pieces, but rather, it was woven from beginning to end, purposely, perfectly, without error, and without needing any other pieces attached later.  Following the perfect design of God, it was done right the first time from beginning to end.  Every strand was perfectly interwoven with the next, each strand supporting and affecting one another, giving it strength and beauty.  It was for that reason the soldiers crucifying Jesus did not part the coat, but rather drew lots for it, to see who would receive it in whole.
   We are the ones who drew that wonderful lot, receiving the perfectly woven garment of Jesus, and I’m referring to the Body of Christ.  Just as the coat was designed to be perfect and complete, without seam or division, we, the Body of Christ are to be perfectly interwoven with each other.  Picture, if you will, yourself as a strand of thread in a coat.  Some threads run one way, some the other, and they intersect, over and under.
   Your particular thread, which represents your life, will be intersected by someone else many times throughout your life, and that person who intersected your life will in turn be intersected by yet others.  I would like to call that “the fabric of life”.  You have intersected my life and have left your mark on it.  I have had to yield my life somewhat to allow yours to interweave with mine, and vice-versa.  Together we are stronger and better supported than we would be alone. 
   When you consider how Christ Jesus wove His life into ours, we find His life strengthens ours, not the other way around.  And His life pulls us all together into one tightly woven beautiful fabric that He wears as His garment.  Our lives touch His and His life touches ours, as the love of the heavenly Father flows through every thread until the whole garment is one in love and purpose.  The weaker threads are made stronger by the weight of the sheer multitude of strands.  Yes, even the weak threads add to the overall strength of the fabric.  Whether we are weak, or strong, or just so-so, Jesus has chosen to include us in His seamless garment, His glory and love will one day show us to be without wrinkle or blemish, His blood cleansing us, strengthening, purifying us; creating us forever in His image.  And there can be no greater gift than that in all creation!