Hopefully you are used to looking on our site every Friday for our latest post.  As of last week, I will not be mailing out individual emails by the thousands to those on our mailing list, as the rules for email are getting more stringent by the day.  By using Mail Chimp and doing the newsletter as a blog, it eliminates spam, keeps our mailing list current and hopefully will help more people to receive it.  If I make additional posts during the week, you will get them.   I hope you will pass the word onto your friends, who can come to our site and opt in to receive the newsletters.  Take time to look around on our site, I have written HUNDREDS of articles that are sure to help you.  Your comments are invited.

We are here 24/7 to serve you and when you send a prayer request to me, I will IMMEDIATELY pray for it, day or night.  And of course you can always call me.  Jenny and I are full-time ministers, not part-time.  This is what we do, plus we travel to minister wherever the LORD sends us.  If you would like us to minister at your conference, church, or group, just contact us.  We’re here for YOU!