By Jerry Baysinger

Not feeling well I took a trip to see the doctor man.
He checked me out and told me, Son, I’ll help you all I can,
But things don’t look so good, I fear, and so I say to you
My best advice is find a church and see what God can do.

The doctor told me something that I didn’t want to hear,
Words that shook me to the core, the end was very near.
My married life had just begun, and we had things to do
A loving wife, a happy home, were fading out of view.

I took the Doctor’s good advice, and went to church to see
If God would do what he could not, and make a way for me;
The Lord said  simply,  “Ask of Me, and surely you’ll receive
A pardon and a cure for you, and all those who believe.”

I wonder now, how many folks have heard the “cancer” word
Whose hopes have fled away from them just like a frightened bird
Who didn’t know that Jesus came to set the captives free,
From cancer’s hold from days of old, He came for you and me.

Jesus bore my cancer, and now I’m here to say,
Jesus is my Healer, I found a better way!
No more disease or sickness, or sin for me to bear,
I took it to the cross, my friend, and left it laying there!

Jesus is the Healer, I’ll say it once again
Don’t give up hope, don’t be a dope
Don’t waste your life and then,
Wish you had listened to me, like others often do,
Jesus bore my cancer, and……….
 He’ll do the same for you.