This is a re-post of a Word the LORD gave me in 2005, He told me put it on my website again right now, so here it is:

Published by Jerry Baysinger on 14 Oct 2005 at 10:46 pm
The Lord awoke me this morning with a startling question. Now, when the Lord asks you a question, could it be He already knows the answer, and you don’t? How would YOU like to be woke up with the question, ISN’T IT SCARY? Well, like anyone else would respond, I said out loud, Isn’t WHAT scary? Lord, You aren’t afraid of anything and You tell Your children not to fear. He proceeded to share this with me:

“Isn’t it scary that while I have people in oppressed countries in the world who are persecuted and tortured and killed for their testimony for Me, who stand fast for Me at the cost of their very life, yet people are run off from me by their own laziness? No one is holding a gun to their head threatening them with death, yet many turn from Me every day. That’s scary. They don’t know what they’ve been given. They don’t know with how great a cost they have been ransomed from hell. They don’t have a clue how costly the sacrifice was that I made for them. Therefore, they don’t put much value on it or Me. And when the storms of life come, they are easily moved away. They are even drawn away from Me by minor distractions. That’s scary.

I didn’t promise there wouldn’t be storms. But I promised I would deliver them from the storms. However, many of My people let spiritual laziness take over their lives. Their love for Me grows colder day by day, until they finally turn and go back into the world. Jerry, when I prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, I knew what I was facing. It was hard for Me to know the time was finally here for me to suffer on the cross, although it was shown Me from before the foundation of the earth. I asked my Father if there was some other way to ransom the world. He said there was no other way.
My suffering was beyond anything I could make you understand. I did it for you, and for all mankind. Oh please, understand the price I paid for you and the people of the world. It was horrible beyond description. All the depravity, all the sin and all the sickness and evil of the whole curse came upon me. You couldn’t have endured it. I had to bear it all for you. Had not My Father strengthened me, even I could not have endured it. There was no other way I could ever be with you, and you with Me forever. There was no other way you could ever be free of the cost of sin and death.

Jerry, I want you to tell people how very much I love them and what I went through for them. You must tell them that, yes, indeed, all I went through for them was worth it just to be back at my Father’s side. All the suffering and persecution you or anyone else will ever face in this life is more than worth it, just for a second with My Father. His love for you is beyond what I can describe to you. Just take my word for it. And what I’m offering you is not a second with My Father, but all eternity. Imagine if you can, being in the presence of love so strong, that you never want to leave. That’s what We have for you. That’s why I had to live a perfect life on earth, so I could go back to My Father. If I had sinned even once, I would have forever been banished from my Father’s presence. That’s scary. You don’t know horrible eternity would be away from My Father.

While on earth I lived the example of my Father’s love. Look how He healed people and had pity upon them. See how He loved them. Why would anyone not want to be with My Father? Why would people so easily turn aside from such love? It’s scary, Jerry. How easily they turn away from me at the slightest hint of trouble. Don’t they know I will never leave them or forsake them? You tell them for Me. They just aren’t listening to Me these days. Their eyes and ears are tuned to the world. They only listen to what men tell them. They’re only moved by what they see. So you tell them, maybe they will listen to you. Tell them how my heart yearns for them. That is what gave Me strength to endure the cross for them. Tell them My Father and I love them and We want them to be with Us. I gave them my Holy Spirit to live inside of them so they could have an open line of communication with Me anytime day or night. My ears are never closed to them, nor is My hand ever turned away from helping them.

The time of the end is drawn near. Warn them from Me. Only those who remain close to Me will overcome and inherit the Kingdom of heaven. Those who allow themselves to be drawn away will not be in My Kingdom, for My Kingdom is not counted important enough to them. They have seen My blood as worth nothing, fit to be trampled underfoot. If it was dear to them, they would be living differently. They would be My witnesses to the lost. They would be taking time to diligently pray and study My word. Only those who have counted the cost and endure to the end will be saved. All others will be cast out. I’m calling out to all who will listen. Come to me now! Be saved! Be filled with the Holy Spirit. The call is urgent!

I am coming soon to gather those who are truly Mine. And if you’re not, you will be left behind.”

Now, isn’t that scary?