Several have called and asked why I stopped sending out my Friday emails after all these years.  Well, it’s because of all the spam rules that apply to those who are mailing out thousands of emails per week.  But I’m still responding to those who write or call just like always.  In fact, the time I’m saving now by posting my weekly newsletter directly on our website instead of sending out individual emails with a link to the website  is helping me get caught up on my prayer request responses for the first time in many years.  By freeing up those approximately 10 hours each Friday, it’s having  beneficial effect on my whole week.  Now I’m often able to respond to you within the very hour you post a prayer request.  That’s progress!  And that is important.  This change is good although it’s taking me a bit of getting used to doing things differently after all these years.  July will be my 20th anniversary in ministry, my how time flies!!

My phone is almost always on, but of course I can’t answer if I’m in a service.  I only return calls from the US, so if you’re contacting me from overseas, instant message or email works best,  and you’ll get a quick response from me.  If you need a private response, that’s no problem, I’m not here for just “everyone else”, I’m here for YOU individually.

I’m taking this opportunity to tell you, we really need our ministry’s motor home up and running again so I can be back out on the road where I belong, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, encouraging, teaching, and helping the sick receive their healing.  I’ve searched far and wide for a new or rebuilt engine. We need an 1984-86 BMW 524TD turbodiesel engine.  If you happen to know where there is a good one, please let me know.  Otherwise, we need another motor home. Ours has 179,000 miles on it, and it has served the Kingdom of God well through the 15 years we’ve had it, although with many breakdowns along the way.  I’m telling you this so you are aware of the ministry’s needs in order for us to be able to serve you better.  Many have prophesied through the years that God is going to give our ministry a new motor home, paid for, and we are looking forward in faith to that event.  We covet your prayers concerning this need.  We love you exceedingly and really appreciate those who have chosen to help this ministry with prayers and financial support.  God bless!  And keep watching the website!