The upcoming year will be a year of separating and shaking. Just as there is much turmoil in the world around us, there are changes coming quickly this year to the Body of Christ.  Those who are desperately seeking God will not be satisfied with “business as usual”, but will be pressing into the Kingdom of God more forcefully than ever before, becoming more and more profitable for the work of God’s Kingdom.  The LORD will continue reaching out to those who are “on the fence”, to join His family.  And those who are “afar off”, the LORD is seeking them, too.  HE IS NOT WILLING THAT ANY PERISH, BUT THAT ALL COME TO REPENTANCE!  But know THIS:  time is growing short, and suddenly, one day the door will be SHUT, and those who waited too long will cry out to God, Lord, open to us! But the door will be shut and it will be too late, and He will say unto them, I know you not.  Depart from me, for I never knew you. Run!  Run to the LORD now while the door is still open!

2016 can be your best year, or your worst year ever, depending on your heart toward the LORD.  He is calling all to join His Family, but will YOU come to Him?  Only you can make that choice.  God already made His, and you are invited.  Don’t put Him off another moment, for each of us is only one heartbeat away from eternity.   The LORD shows us there is a collective end of time, as well as our own individual end of time when we breathe our last.  But there IS an end of time, and we do not get to choose when.

The LORD is the same, yesterday, today, and for ever.  The LORD told me to continue ministering to the sick, in order to show His mercy,  but more importantly,  to minister healing for the whole person, for what good is a healed body, if your spirit and soul are lost?